Bowers & Wilkins

Or, as they’re known in the hi-fi world, B&W, are hubby’s favourite loudspeaker manufacturer. He has a thing for British audiophilia you must know. We had his pair stowed away in some dark part of the garage, and now since some years inside the house. Since we don’t have a TV nor a hifi in the lounge anymore and hubby was happy with his par of active Logitech computer speakers and I with my Yamaha mini hifi, his glorious B&Ws were kinda forgotten … until today!

Hubby was watching videos on YouTube and stumbled over some hifi channels … and remembered his old treasure and got the hots for his old pair of speakers … and asked me to install them on my desk.

Look! Holy shit!

Not that the Yamahas sounded bad in any way but, ok, these are much better and richer in sound quality and more bassy and dance party and … OMG! They are sooo huuuge on my desk!!! Not really near-field monitors. Dunno if I can get used to the size and sight. 😐


  1. Nice! I just scored some new logitech 2.1 after my mackie’s finally flaked all the way out. Logitech is much better than mackie, although those look great as well. Cheers.

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