WordPress Fux With Orca! :o

Oh sheeet! The WP bug is back. 😦 Guys, look at these two screenshots … if you can see them at all that is. 😐

WordPress on Orca’s computer: As it’s supposed to be

I did everything right: Made snapshots, uploaded to Google, copypasted the graphic’s address into WP. And it shows up on my screen exactly as supposed. Of course it does. Because it must!

WordPress as it appears on hubby’s lappy toppy. 😦

But it won’t show up on hubby’s pomcuter, even though our machines are both connected to the same router. What a perfect time for WordPress to send me the annual bill. 😦

Do me a solid, pleez guyz, and let me know how OrcaBlog looks on your computer/toaster/smartphone/fridge/tablet or whatever you’re using to aquire web content. Fine like on mine or crappy like on hubby’s?

EDIT: We just checked, no pics on hubby’s machine, neither on the title page nor in the post itself. This is so sad; particulary for a graphics heavy blog like TSB. 😦


    • My WordPress picture thingy is full to the brim. They won’t let me buy more storage space, only when I go full super profi and pay them multimillion woolongs! 😮 I’ve already deleted all pics from 2015 – 16 and don’t feel like deleting my whole back catalogue.


    • I guess our grievance engineers have completely fuckered it now. 😦 They would make perfect Linden Lab employees, right? But charging from my credit card works perfectly, wanna bet?


  1. It’s a problem with the image upload script. It seems not to complete. The image is visible in preview and is loaded to your wp media library but because the upload script never completes, wp doesn’t display it.

    Edit the post. Click the image. You’ll probably get a message about stopping upload or something like that. Ignore it – select either option offered. Delete the image from the post. Re-select insert image, but this time, rather than loading from device, select it from your wp media library (where it correctly uploaded). Save the post. The image will insert and display correctly after that.

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