Prison: Day 240

Gud moarning united in social distance awesomites!

And, LOL, the Prison title for this Corona column wasn’t right from the first day on but is by now, after 8 months of “lockdown” nothing but a joke. Today the gatekeeper at our local foodstore didn’t even bother looking at me or chasing me with his spraybottle of hand sanitizer. And my mechanics and me we gave up wearing our masks when I visit the workshop long ago.

Strict distancing rules in the gym’s locker rooms

Apart from that we have glorious spring weather and everything is fine but the sad fact that the Western Cape is missing all its tourists. 😐 Hubby and me, personally we couldn’t care less, but we feel sorry for the gastro and tourist industry. I guess what some experts predicted already in the beginning and early stages of the global lock down: The world will be vastly different after COVID-19, and nothing will be the same ever again.

Racecars at my mech’s garage

But we’re humans. We cope. We adapt. That’s what makes us the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. All other species will have to wait for evolution to take care of them. Either that or going extinct, right? Or becoming our pets.

Other interesting vehicles at my mech’s garage. I take the Capri please. 😉

Anyhoo, were was I? Oh yes, life right now feels nothing like prison. Not even like quarantine or classical lockdown. Oh, we have a curfew from dusk till dawn or so, but hubby and me are middle aged white pensioners, we don’t have any business going out after dark anyway. We have our computers, and The Pirate Bay, so we’re never bored. 🙂

Oubaas at the beach promenade. Doesn’t feel like prison at all. 🙂 But it felt weird to find so many empty parking spots in mid-November. 😮

Sorry, I don’t feel like talking about COVID today; I don’t wanna think about it or make any medium- and long term plans regarding our future. The situation as it presents itself right now in Europe and in Europe’s leading nation, fuxn Deutschland, won’t allow making any plans of any kind. I’m hearing Angie Merkel will talk to the nation soon and probably will take them into lockdown again … and fuk all our visiting plans anyway. 😮

So why bother with anything?

Oh shit! Seems some thoughts about the world pandemic are inevitable …

I’m so happy not to be an American nurse. 😐


Oy vey, the last not-lockdown country in the world’s gonna join us. Too many deaths. 😦

Schools are open, schools are closed, schols are open, schools are clo… fuksake, does nobody think about the poor children anymore?

Guys, my high spirits from 10 minutes ago is gone. Completely.

Still hoping to see y’all again, laterz



  1. Over 250,000 ‘Muricans dead and, yeah, some dying while insisting covid isn’t real. One of the kids I follow, home schooled and clearly hardcore religious and ‘Mericuh family, just posted that masks don’t work, the virus is NBD, and compared wearing masks to communism. I know she’s too young and indoctrinated to know better but it’s scary.

    Then there are my next door neighbors. They felt restrictions were too strict, they should have freedom while only ‘at risk’ people should take precautions – “be responsible for your own health”. They all have covid now. Yet they were outside without masks last night. And plan to host Thanksgiving dinner with 2 high-risk family members in attendance because “we should be better by then.” Uhhh… noooo!!

    Since there’s a risk they exposed me, I’m isolating. Fortunately, that’s not much different than my regular life.

    Our month long 10pm to 6am curfew kicks in on Sat. The theory is that night owls are mostly 20-40s and the least inclined to take proper precautions. I dunno about that but I’m all for anything that brings down serious illness and deaths!

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    • “I’m all for anything that brings down serious illness and deaths!”

      That’s it! Exactly! While we still dispute if wearing masks is helpful or not … we should do it nevertheless. Look at all the Asian countries, from westernized Japan and Korea to Vietnam and China. They’re all wearing masks in public, since decades, no matter if flu season or not, no matter if sick or healthy. Everybody tries to stop the spread of whatever virus is going round. And then look at how old they become, how less illnesses they suffer.

      I mean, ok, they eat much better than we, and live altogether more balanced lifestyles … and that includes taking care of your fellow countrymen by not spreading your infections around. Some call this mindset communist, I just call it human … or even basic christian … for religious folks. Let’s not forget, if Jesus was alive today he’d be a communist agitator and on the CIA’s kill list.


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