Prison: Day 239

Morning my excellent readers!

A Corona diary without any Corona news today. Becoz boring. No, actually not; the numbers are rising and we’re not over it by far. The wurst is still to come. But we know that, don’t we? European gvmts are getting ready for stricter lockdown rules again, letting us all hang out to dry. Bad times to make travel plans … good times again for more indoor activities.

And that brings me again to one of my fave topics to write about in this bloggo. You know what, so say it with me: LINUX!

You surely noticed that I didn’t write a lot about Linux lately. Which is a good sign! Linux has developed from a freaky geeky fringe phenomenon into an easy to install and operate mainstream system, not much different from Windows or MacOS. Ignoring the actual user nunbers we can say Linux is there! It has arrived 100%. Ready to play with the biggies.

So what ya waitin’ for? It’s easy to download and install, it’s easy to use if you know how to use a keyboard and a trackpad/mouse and best of all … it’s fukn free! Plus more advancements. Please believe me, you wouldn’t see so many happy penguins using Linux for political reasons alone. Most of the users are not real techno commies or Free and Open Software apologets. We use it coz it’s better! Simple as that.

And now you enter the scene: Young and restless, somehow not happy with how Microsoft and Apple are treating you, kinda on the brink, ready to move.

But how?

About to enter the Linuxverse!

I guess I wrote a lengthy instruction about how to get Linux on your hardware, so let’s not get into that tedious stuff now. Today I just wanna give you links to some GNU/Linux OSes I think might be best and of most benefit for the new user, for you. They are as easy to get and install as Mint, which I covered earlier, and which didn’t seem to have brought any of you into trubbelz. The installation process is nearly identical these days, another sign of Linux’ maturity and user-friendlyness.

So let’s delve right into medias res, shall we?

  • Linux Mint: A very good, friendly and complete system right out of the box. I recommmend the Minty goodness since years and everybody who tried it was very satisfied. After installation you’ll find the most basic softwares already pre-installed on your computer, so you can start typing The Novel of the 21st Century right away. And watch movies, listen to music, surf the web mail and on and on. Additional software you install with a couple mouse clicks directly from the software repository. No searching of the web necessary. And no keyboard artistry in the feared Terminal. For us mom-n-dad users everything is made easypeasy. But don’t think Mint is only for n00bs, no no! You can get old and wise on Mint without making an ass of yourself or looking like a derp for the rest of your life. It’s a really a well-rounded experience as fellow blog reader Becca can confirm.
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition: It’s more or less like the original Mint, only not based on Ubuntu but on the basically more desirable Debian. And only available in Mint’s standard flavour, the Cinnamon Desktop Environment. But that must not worry you, I recommend Cinnamon anyway. Why would you chose LMDE over the standard version? People say it’s even more stable – Debian has this certain battleship status – and runs a bit faster than its Ubuntu-based sibling.
  • Sparky Linux: Let’s say you got already a couple weeks on Mint under your belt and aren’t a total n00b anymore. Now you wanna venture out and see other stuff. And maybe you think you don’t need nanny Mint’s overly care anymore … then you’re right for Sparky! It’s Debian like LMDE, also easy to install. But without the Minty touch. It’s available in a number of desktop flavours … and that’s it. No update plans, no backup plans. The system maintenance is left to you, kinda like you’re an self-sufficient adult. It’s basically a standard Debian, only made easier to install. You see, Debian is a regular bitch to install, even the man himself, Linus Torvalds has failed the installation, so we’re happy for the help without the nanny state. Orca loves Sparky’s philosophy.
  • EndeavourOS: Still with me? Then welcome to the geek’s playground. I love love love EOS, it’s my bread and butter system, my daily rider. EOS is a derivative of ArchLinux, which has many benefits over Ubuntu/Debian based systems but also needs some insights by the users, and the will and readyness to get your fingers dirty. EOS and similar Arch-based distros (Manjaro, Garuda, Arco, Archman) are not necessarily the next logical step-up from Mint and Sparky, they are just for the curious, for the risk takers, for people who know what they are doing.

Don’t think the aforementioned four operating systems are all there is, the end-all in Linux. They are my personal choice, the distros I personally recommend for new users. And no worries, I’m not completely alone with that opinion. Mint is famous for it’s n00b-friendlyness, and lately Sparky makes some furore as a nice humble Debian distro that doesn’t overpower its users with chaperone guidance. Of course there are others, for example Linux Lite for new users. You may like it, I don’t. EOS is well on its way up into the Top 10 on DistroWatch and a kinda n00b-friendy beginners’ Arch system. Many others prefer the infamous Manjaro for their first baby steps in Arch-like OSes.

That is the beauty of Linux: There is something for everyone! Cool on one hand, frightening on the other. There are roundabout 33 gadzillion Linuxes out there, and frankly, most of them are shit. A little bit of minimal hand-holding is very well needed, and I try to keep it to a bare minimum. You’re not really kindergarten kiddies, are you?

So pleez, after you’re homely and comfortable in Mint, you should venture out. Not that it’s necessary, as already mentioned, but why restrict yourself, why do as Orca tells you? I can but set you up, push you on the road; your path might take you in a whole different direction, maybe you don’t want it made easy for you, maybe you’re looking for a challenge, need different Desktop or Window Managers. It’s all there, you just need to grab it.


Kool kid Linux hacker!

Here you go:


In all that excitement please don’t forget to sanitize your hands, keep clear of mass rapings, eat your veggies and stay home!

Cya laterz


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