Orca Garage

Right now, and probably the next couple days/weeks, until I’m bored again, my parcel on Nautilus Route 13 will be the Orca Garage. 🙂

Nothing commercial. I’m just using it to store my camper vans and probably some motorcycles and other fun vehicles. Haven’t checked yet if I made the parcel rezable for visitors and motorists who wanna drive Route 13 from here. Will make a rez-zone later.

For now I’m just a private bikini-clad motor mechanic. 😉 No idea what I’m gonna do with the little office space, hmmmm … maybe a Endeavour ArchLinux resource center or so. And an OrCafé party place.

Oh, and I also bought a cheap prefab pool, so maybe I stuff an Orca Onsen on the parking lot. Why not, eh?

Okayyy, the gym is calling my name … Oubaas adventures are afoot.

cya laterz you awesome peeps!


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