Not My Fault

You see this blog like so?

Many photos not showing? Not on title page and not in single articles?

Wasn’t me!

I can assure you that each and every of the interesting articles in this blog comes with at least one illustration of sorts, and they are supposed to show on the frontpage! Hubby took this screenshot off his own laptop that is connected to our router via w-lan and usually works flawlessly.

Leendadll commented in the the same vein:



Wp image bug strikes again. Broken link icon in app; caption only in web view. If you edit and select the image (each of them) it should give a “stop uploading?” msg. Select no. Delete the image, then reinsert from media library.

To which I just responded with a very intelligent:

Orca Flotta



But, know what, I guess she’s right. The bug is, for a change, not with the technical idiot Orca but lies with the Happyness Engineers of WordPress. So, my fraggelz, if you see a similar semi-rendered Orcablog as Leendadll and hubby do, please relax. I’m quite sure the Happyness Engineers are working full steam on unfucking their blog engine.

To them and WordPress we just say:


    • Lucy, you even get some symbol where the pics are supposed to show up. Hubby doesn’t. Probably because he’s on the same router as me. No idea.
      This is all so weird. I hate WP more and more. 😦


    • Hi Renard, thx for chiming in. No, I won’t contact WP personally, I value my time too much. I guess this isn’t my problem alone but many others experiencing the same. So I trust that some other blogger will contact them. I rather spend my time trying out QuickPublisher and get away from WP when I find the necessary peace of mind.

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  1. Lol… nice theory but the image upload bug has been around since at least early summer. It comes and goes with their background updates. I usually try to instantly view my published post to see if the images are displayed.

    I used the desktop version instead of the app last night. Holy crap the editor sucks on there now! It’s much easier in the app… but also fewer options.

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