More Sparky Linux

Mørning my excellent frens,

as you surely remember I was rather very positively surprised, nay downright smitten by this certain humble Debian distro. And now, months later the lame Old Tech Bloke found out the same as I did and dedicated a video to the awesomeness that is Sparky Linux:

OTB like old bloke, not old tech. 🙂

Yes, it is really good. And when I say “really” it doesn’t mean it’s full to the brim with shiny new stuff and the latest desktop environments and rather a smartphone OS than something for your oldfashioned desktop/laptop computer. I mean it’s good where it needs to be, not where it satisfies impatient and stoopid af younglings. Sparky is just a fine fine workhorse, nearly indestructable and surviving on the least amount of maintenance. In typical Debian manner you install it and immediately forget it even exists on your hardware. You just use it day in day out and when you and your computer are long gone and forgotten, your Sparky will still hum along as agile as it was on its first day.

Two thumbs up for all of you not susceptible to the sexyness of Arch but in search for a good stable, companion that doesn’t force you to care about it and is no attention whore.

Sparky works for you!


    • Of course not! Nothing beats the Minty Cinnamon flavour on a true girly computer!

      Buuut but but, we sexy little bikini hotties aren’t system admins, server admins and sumsuch hard-working unsexy but awesome peeps. For they prefer the absolute nuke-proof stability of a rugged Debian install. Guess why the interwebz doesn’t run on Minty goodness but on boring af Debian. :/

      Because bikini girls don’t power the internet. Debian does!


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