Guess Who’s Back?

Yep. 😐

My non-functioning MiniMax. 😦

Ok, collected MiniMax from the computer repair lady yesterday. She fixed the power supply but the mainboard is still incommunicado. Or “lights are on but there’s nobody home”, as she put it. So the fukn mobo, after haveing been repaired and replaced a dozen times by the Gigabyte agents, and now out of warrantee, I guess know this thing is finally as dead as death itself. 😦

First step for yours truly: Take my bestest computer apart and prepare the case for eventual repopulation …

The culprit! Nothing but a lump of toxic waste.

Of course the timing is perfect. All the little money we have to waste went into Oubaas and the wurst spraypainter in the whole Cape Province, and now we have no funds left to repair my beloved main machine. 😦

At least computer repair lady managed to get a very good quotation for a new motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 cpu and new, faster 16 Gigs of RAM. Of course it won’t help now that we’re broke. 😦 Not really broke but hubby needs to see the dentist soon and we gotta purchase our flight tickets for when Germany opens its borders for incoming traffic from Africa.

Poooh …


  1. Wp image bug strikes again. Broken link icon in app; caption only in web view. If you edit and select the image (each of them) it should give a “stop uploading?” msg. Select no. Delete the image, then reinsert from media library.

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    • Heyhey, I had MiniMax since early 2014, so he did me kinda well for almost six years. I bought the wrong mobo, it wasn’t up for the job so I have only myself to blame for the many fukky uppys. And he’s not done yet for I’m gonna put the new Ryzen proci in, new B550 mobo and more and faster RAM. Ok, yes, he’ll be like a totally new computer then. ;|


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