O@texcellentM: Bill & Ted Face the Music

Most excellent movie!

Once told they’d save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, 2 would-be rockers from San Dimas, California find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny.

Greetings my excellent friends!

This won’t be a O@tM as usual, my excellent readers. No, it will be much shorter, more like a long conclusion, since you already knew what’s up after you read the excellent brief synopsis. Sounds nonsensical and all over the place? Mhm, yes. Excellent!

Not a tardis but excellent as well

To make it short, this 3rd installment of B&T movies is a mess. But an excellent mess! It was the first time for hubby and me that we watched experienced a B&T flick, and we both can’t imagine that the older films were much different or made more sense. Doesn’t matter, since in itself, once you bought the ticket and went on the excellent ride, this movie made sense. In its very own, crude way it’s an astonishingly well-rounded story, and excellently told.

Excellent: Death is an old friend of B&T

You think this was badly acted and the characters were goofy? Yes! And quite offensively so, honest and straightforward, without even a hint of sarcasm or hilariosity. In the B&T universe people are motorically challenged, overacting dorks in weird clothes that say the most stupid lines in all excellency. Nobody lost their dignity in this movie and, exceptional in the excellent early 21st century, B&T made do without any sexual innuendo or beepable dialogue.

“Greetings, my excellent friends!”

I can’t even say if any of us LOLed throughout the film’s runtime but we both had big fat moronic grins on our faces from the first second to the last.

B&T have excellent daughters now … and Kid Cudi is their excellent friend

For B&T n00bs it’s really hard to describe what a B&T movie really is. Comedy? Ya, kinda, but not of the LOL sort. SciFi? Yes, but only since the excellent screenplay wants it so. But whatever it is, it’s excellent entertainment.

Wanna watch the excellent trailer?

I’m still having that debile grin in my face


  1. I LOVE the first film… quintessential 80s!! Didn’t care for the 2nd. Have been undecided on watching this one. It still has a large fee to view so I have plenty of time, waiting for the price to come down, before making up my mind.

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      • You win.
        And Amazon is actually lower than I thought. $5.99… I thought it was still $19.99

        I may ask for that site again. I have an older computer I wouldn’t miss if it got malware. Gotta see if I have proper cables to connect it to a larger monitor.

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        • Use a VPN! It’s a must in these modern times of international high seas piracy filesharing. 🙂
          You don’t really believe the YTS server is physically located in Mexico, do ya?


          • I don’t even know what YTS is!!

            I keep forgetting about VPNs!! Only HAD to use them a few times for work, which means over 4yrs ago. They weren’t reliable then but covid must have changed that.

            I’ll get on that tonight! I can’t remember which of my security software packs includes a VPN.

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            • “I don’t even know what YTS is!!”
              Successor orga of Yify, after they were shut down and had to pay millions of woolongs penalty.This is YTS: https://yts.mx/

              “They weren’t reliable then but covid must have changed that.”
              Our VPN is reliable since years and years already. It’s called ZenMate and serves us well and won’t phone home. We activate it as a Firefox add-on. But we not on free version but pay annual subscription fee for more better service.


        • ““28y 4w”. Don’t think I’ll hold my breath on that.”

          You gotta be more patient, young padawan! But ok, that is as bit extreme. In a major city of the homeland of the internet. 😮 But … phone, really? Why o why??? You really wanna watch movies on a small handheld cellphone screenand thin tinny sound? Masochist much?

          Oh, btw, I’ve heard there is a VPN built into the newest Linux kernels. Not tried it yet since we got one already and happy with it.


            • This is the way!

              YIFY and YTS are pirate groups, known for hi-class Blu-Ray rips. They only do movies, no TV or streaming series. You won’t get shabby handheld videos, filmed in Manila or Wladiwostok cinemas off the screen from them either. They only bring out movies that are availabe on DVD and Blu-Ray, no shitty copies. You will stumble over their stuff when you look up movies on The Pirate Bay. I just go to their own site, spares me browsing thru thousands of shitty low-rez cellphone files. Coz good things come to those who wait. 😉
              I insist on 1080 quality, for lower rez I won’t even get up in the morning. =^.^=

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