Raspberry Pi 400 Review – The First “Out of the Box” Pi !

Lon of YouTube channel Lon.TV made the best review of the new Raspy Pi400 yet. He doesn’t just talk but actually “works” on his machine with the included (Linux) operating system. In my drowsy eyes it looked quite spunky, not as sluggish as I expected. Hmm, maybe this thing has more usability than just being a toy for bored tinkerers …

Let’s have a peek:

Buy it on Viltros – http://lon.tv/23zwj (compensated affiliate link) – The new Raspberry Pi 400 is the first true out of the box Raspberry Pi device. It represents the embodiment of the what the foundation initially set out to accomplish. See more Raspberry Pi: http://lon.tv/pi and subscribe ! http://lon.tv/s


00:00 – Intro

01:45 – Price

02:02 – Early Computing Comparison

02:55 – Build Quality

03:35 – Ports

06:34 – Raspberry Pi OS

06:55 – Web Browser

07:31 – Office Applications

08:16 – System Specs

08:34 – Media Playback

08:57 – Installing apps and software

10:58 – Guide Book & Coding

14:22 – Pi 400 vs. a Chromebook ?

14:52 – Pi 4 Compatibility

15:06 – Conclusion


  1. It does look ideal as a learning inspirational device. The book is good too. My grandkids use scratch at school. I guess one of the other cool things is it takes up so little space. I won’t be buying one but I do see the appeal. Nice find Orca

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    • We talked about this thing before, Neil:


      It’s just the most hands-on video yet. And I gotta agree, they would make supe duper lerning devices for the youngsters. Particularly since the OS is Linux and not some American make-money scheme. So they won’t be set off on the wrong foot when the time comes to buy their first own computer. At least they’ll know there are more, better, OSes available than Windows and MacOS.

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      • First video I have seen of one. The book is such a nice touch. My friend whom makes expansion boards for Pi was the first place I saw them. My grandkids all thought my computer’s where broke as there not touch screen.

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        • Spoiled brats. 😐

          For me a touchscreen woud be rather uncomfy since my screen is more than an armlengths away from me. Aso my mother raised me to be a clean girl, a goodGerman housewife. Even today I can’t touch any glass surfaces without a bad conscience. 😦 I won’t open any glass doors by just pushing against the glass and I never ever touch a TV, cellphone or computer screen with my bare hands.

          But I did indeed link to some Pi400 videos in that post:


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            • “they have grown up with mobile phones and tablets”
              … but without mothers. 😦

              “long before ever seeing a physical keyboard.”
              And none of them ever wondered how all those letters and words and sentences and paragraphs are made to appear on websites and in books? Oh, let me guess: Voice recognition software! And now we know why there are so many spelling and grammar errors and nonsense sentences on the internet. Becoz dat shit just don’t werk! 😐


                • “Without a father he passed.”
                  Sorry to hear.My condolences. No wonder they are such badly behaved kidz and put their smeary little fingaz on everything. 😉

                  I wouldn’t say no to a Rasp 400 under then xmas tree tho. But I have more pressing wishes. Computer reapir lady coudn’t fix the M-ITX mobo, adn neither coud Gigabyte themseves, adn I’m out of warrantee by now. The chances of finding another M-ITX board for 4th generation Haswell Intel core CPUs is almost impossibe, so I guess I need new CPU and new mobo. I wanna switch to AMD now, so I’d also need new, faster RAM … gonna be expensive and much more important for me than a Raspy.


  2. Well, looky there – a computer inside of a keyboard. The best thing that has come out of 2020. And, it has I/O connectors! And I hope your PC is fixed soon, Orca.

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    • Well, it’s nothing new, really. Don’t we a remember the C64 and the Ataris from the 80s? Similar idea. I know a guy in our students commune had one. And a matrix printer. Whoa!

      And my computer is not to be fixed but needs everything, kinda new computer: CPU, mobo, RAM … will have to live a while longer with my mini Lennies. 😦


  3. Duh. How could I forget that part? First computer we had was a Tandy, and if I remember correctly it hooked straight to the TV, inside the keyboard. 🤠

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