Prison: Day 232

Mörnin’ Fraggelz

Our prez held another public speech last night …

… and advised us all to not let down our guard and take the virus lightly. While he didn’t announce any new strong measures he extended the state of national emergency until the mid of December. Which means for us to wear our masks, sanitize ourselves and avoid contact to other people just like we did in the last 8 months.

Infections rates were climbing again during the last two weeks, which shows us that Covid-19 is not over but very much active! And this is isn’t even the second wave yet.

We’ll have 5 days of mourning from the 25th to the 29th of November.

But they are allowing the sale of alcohol and opening up for international traffic. 😮

Holy fuk! 😦

Peeps, be excellent and avoid each other, wash your sweaty hands and spritz generous amounts of sanitizer on your hands and on every surface you touch.

CYA laterz



    • “(some people really believe that)”
      Doesn’t it?
      I mean I have no idea but hubby says he and his frens were often enough embalming themselves … which has a similar effect, no? I remember him waking up in the morning after parties and telling me something about feeling like a pickled herring. 😮

      I guess no virus would’ve survived their parties. LOL

      Wait, no national mourning in the country with the most victims? Here everybody is supposed to wear black ribbons, and all official flags will be on half-mast. Good thing is this coincedes with the international month of violence against women and children. Good idea to open all the bottle stores again then, right? What could possibly go wrong?


  1. btw: This week Calif was the 2nd state to pass 1M total poss for covid (Texas was 1st). And Fri was 170,000+ positive tests in the US in one day.

    I scheduled a platelet donation on Nov 26 (US Thanksgiving) and it will automatically be tested for covid antigen.

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    • “I scheduled a platelet donation”
      The local Red Cross vampires found a liking to my blood so they talked me into platelet donation … which led to me nearly passing out at the hospital. I told them sorry, normal blood donation every time but please not platelets coz it’s killing me. Now they won’t bother me anymore … at all. They angry at little me?


      • I have difficult (thin, moving) veins on the best of days. I have to focus on iron supplements and drinking tons of water just to give blood. Platelets is a nightmare… over 2hrs of not being able to move a muscle in my arms, hands, and fingers or the needle moves and the alarms go off. And I tend to get SEVERE chills from one of the things they pump back in. But the time I dressed for snow, I clotted to fast and they had to give up.
        I was hoping to do a simple blood donation but they aren’t taking those on Thanksgiving. I felt it was “a sign” to suck it up and do platelets again.
        At least they provide headphones, good movie options, and Netflix! Last time I brought a concert DVD I hadn’t gotten around to watching. I have another so maybe I’ll do that again.

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        • All the best for your platelets donation. As I said I can’t do that anymore. Too afraid I might pass out on the way back home and crash poor old Oubaas into some kindergarten. That would seriously ruin my do-gooder image. 😮


          • LOL.
            The first time I gave blood I went down hard. I have no fear of needles but I still recall how it looked like a 12″ pipe coming at me!

            They almost always have to wiggle the needles around… up, down, right, left… so it’s a good thing I have high pain tolerance!

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