Paulistanices *

The major of São Paulo City, spent 14 months and R$ 93 million (about US$20 million) reforming Vale do Anhangabau. Below how it was and how it became:

Some may find it reasonable all this amount of money to transform a nice place in something that seems like a bathroom floor, but not me.

Oh, but this doesnt stop here. As a very well made construction, see how it became after the first rain:

Now the city have a public pool!

Oh, and he wants to be reelected in next elections, in one week! He can certainly count with my vote in one of his adversaries.

* Paulistano – relative to São Paulo city
Paulista – relative to São Paulo state


    • Get out of there, hun! Sao Paulo isn’t for human girls and your water smells like shit. You belong in Rio’s Ipanema. There you can live the dream and run around (un)dressed like your SL avie all day every day! 🙂


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