How to switch an old Windows laptop to Linux

Here! This is the failsafe instructions on how to put the nifty Linux Mint on your old and creaky laptop that is too slow to run Win10. It was originaly written by some inksplotter of The Verge but I found it on Robin’s blog, so he gets first dibs:

Thnk you Robin. Read the full article here!

But hey, if you can’t read so good, there are numerous videos you can watch on YouTube. And don’t worry, Mint is a very easy peasy Linux distro to install, so any installation instructions you can find will work the same or similar also for the Minty goodness. And another Hey: Contrary to Robin, I’m from the Mint camp and won’t recommend Linux Lite. It’s even more nanny than Mint and doesn’t treat you like a grown up adult person. And only gives you the unacceptable Xfce desktop environment. But you’re young and spunky and totally sexy, so for you only Mint’s Cinnamon will do! Ok?


    • 32-bit, really, Neil, really??? I mean, ok, MInt still has 32-bit repos in their programme but who in the world still dabbles with 32-bit computers? There is a reason why none of the other big distros still has 32-bit available.

      And LMDE, yes, very good idea. But maybe not as easy peasy and luxurious to use as the LM Ubuntu version.
      I guess once ppl, are interested and homely in their new Linux home, they will sooner or later get to the point when they wanna branch out and ask themselves the important question which path to take further: Debian, Arch, SUSE, Red Hat, Puppy …


    • Not sure how that works. Ubuntu dropped 32bit so everyone who builds from Ubuntu has had to drop it too. 32 bit is almost history for desktops. It’s certainly useless online due to the limited memory on most old 32 bit machines.

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      • Zackerly!
        That’s why I wondered why you wrote “If it’s really old use LMDE4 32bit.
        Rule of thumb: If you still in possession of 32-but hardware it’s no gud and you better relegate it to doorstop service or toss it at the nearest recycling center. Don’t be such a tight-arse and invest 20 or 30 Woolongs in guderer used machinery. It’s for your own best! And you love to spoil yourself from time to time, dontcha?


  1. Those who need it can still find 32-bit OSes that are completely up-to-date and will still run nicely on ancient 32-bit hardware. antiX, for example, runs sweetly on a very old 32-bit Dell desktop with 512 MB of RAM, one step up from a freakin’ ABACUS!

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    • Aaaaw, the good ole abacus. I still remember mine from earliest school days. I never figgered out how these things are supposed to help us to solve those freakishy complicated tasks our teachers gave us. So my tendency to more political, language-oriented and musical disciplines was laid out quite early in my life.

      I was well in my fourties when I learned that my condition even has a fancy name: discalculation disorder or so. 😮 Or that I was suffering a disorder at all. According to me I was just too stupid, according to my parents I was too lazy. Isn’t it cool how kidz nowadays can get away with almost every shortcoming of any kind by just getting diagnosed with something?


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