Prison: Day 228


You caught me in a unusually good mood today. Coz Biden won? Fuk no, couldn’t care less what or whom they are voting over there. And my current address of residence is in a humble country much too small and harmless and a stable democracy to be inviting anyone for invasion. So we should be save as can be here at our ass end of the planet.

And if I interprete the latest Covid statistics correctly we’re not slipping into an imminent second wave neither. In Europe they do tho, and I guess the health insurance will show understanding for us not jumping on the next plane, only to get sick in Germany.

Sooo, yes, we’re dangling a bit in limbo but still fairly relaxed. No problemo! Since a while I’m attending the fitness club again and there are always some rather interesting cars in the lot:

Not particularly pretty but obviously very speedy: Honda Civic Type R
This Dart 2 looks like a cartoon version of old British roadsters, no?
But Oubaas beats those silly little buggers!

What else gives me good vibes? Oh, I know … LOOK!

For some days EOS seemed like glued in place #12 but today we find it in front of silly Zorin on #11. \o/ Fuk YAY! \o/ As prophesized, my beloved EndeavourOS ArchLinux is unstoppable! 🙂

Now before I forget why I’m doing this Corona diary, let’s have a peek at the lastest developments …

Sloppy African press: The latest stats are already 2 days old. But I guess the numbers of new infections and deaths are lower than a while ago.

So not very exciting news today. Which isn’t bad per se. I guess a couple days without the most shocking Covid statistics and bad new from America will be good for us all. 😉

Let’s keep going on like this: Stay healthy my frens!




    • Thank you very much. But yes, I think I choose the right colour combination of RAL9001, créme and RAL5012, light blue. 🙂 I wouldn’t look too closely tho, the painter did a very sloppy job and I’ll have to complain again. New cracks are showing up everywhere, one of the skylights lets rain in and there is still the windscreen they cracked and my mechanic is trying to find a replacement screen for.
      And then there is still the whole business of the camper conversion …


        • Is what the fuxn spraypainter tells me. The other day he really told me I mustn’t look too hard. And I was, like, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!

          I mean, seriously? He doesn’t get the distinction beween a banthu car and a beloved odtimer restomod? And calls himself a panelbeater and spraypainter? What a fogger. 😐

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