1. It amuses me that it’s the Republicans who caused the problem in PA. There was an attempt to change the policy due to the extraordinary amount of mail in ballots expected due to covid, but the Republicans blocked it.

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    • They can do that … while the election is in full swing?
      I just imagine, for whatever reason, I’d mailed my ballot in. Only to be told Nope, doesn’t count! 😮


      • They did that months ago. So PA’s existing rules, which stated ballots could be acknowledged as rec’d but not prepped, opened, or counted till election day remained in force. Most other states changed rules to allow prep, or even counting, up to 2 wks before election day.

        Yesterday the Republicans got a court to order that all PA ballots rec’d after election day (but postmarked on/before the day, making them still valid) to be “seperated”, and also unable to even be prepped for counting. Though the law specifies they legally count, trump’s team clear plans to try to get them thrown out. They’re doing the same with military ballots, which were the reason mail-in was first established however long ago.

        Another thing that happened was that the head of the postal service was suddenly changed, and the new guy cut off overtime and removed tons of automated processing machines about a month before the election. The intent was, very obviously, to cause mail-in ballots not to be delivered to voters and to make them too late to be counted. It was the worst in PA. A friend tracks some of her mail and it would get within a couple miles of her home then be rerouted across the country, multiple times. The only problem I saw was that I requested a replacement mail ballot, because my pen bled through (which could invalidate it) more than 2wks before election day but never rec’d it. Fortunately, I was smart enough to vote in person.

        That’s another issue… for 18yrs my voting location has been literally across the street. This year, with very little public knowledge, polling locations changed – so mine is now 1.5 miles away. Not a big deal when you know and have a car. But total PitA for those who don’t! One of my friends was driving people, or their ballots, to polling stations for several days.

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        • Let me guess, nobody’s even the littlest little bit ashamed of this shitty, undemocratic behaviour?

          “military ballots, which were the reason mail-in was first established”
          Of course. Soldiers are good conservative people, so let’s make it easy for them. 😮

          “with very little public knowledge, polling locations changed – so mine is now 1.5 miles away”
          Same happened to us the last time we voted in Germany. Our local townhall was closed down, the new one is 3 metrorail stations away … and lacks lifts for wheelchair passengers like hubby. So we took my dad’s car to go there, only to find out their polling station is on 2nd floor, also without any lift. Fortunately I could talk some election helper into coming with me to the car, where hubby could do his X on our favourite party.

          No wonder all the elderly people … and pretty much everybody with a real life, does mail-in voting these days in Germany.


          • Voting had the highest numbers in our history thanks to mail-in and the option to vote early, which were pandemic related.

            Mail-in voting first became a mainstream thing during the civil war, because so many men were away from home. Ditto for a lot of today’s military. As you said, they tend to vote conservative (the prez is their Commander In Chief) so it really makes no sense that Rump is attesting to have their votes disqualified. Hell, Rump votes by mail… literally. As usual, it’s okay for him but everyone else’s is “fake” and “rigged”.

            I will be happy if we really make it to Jan 20 and I no longer wake every day with my first thought being, “what the hell has the prez done today?”

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            • I understand you’re a Biden fan? You know that nothing will change for Americans since the real powers would never allow the status quo to be changed. Best example is No, we can not!-Obama who wasn’t really allowed to do anything good for the people. But what’s inevitably gonna happen will be America turning even more bully of the planet, even more wars, fascist coups, colour revolutions, sanctions, bombings …

              As always, Lee Camp knows what’s up:



                • Of course not. That man is unacceptable buuuuut, only slightly worse for American citizens than Biden but a gazillion times better for the rest of the majorly peace-loving planet. The dems are war hawks. Biden will bring destructon and death. 😦


                  • Wow… your perspective is exactly opposite that of people within the US. Here, Republicans are known for being war mongers. Most especially Rump, who is OBSESSED with war. I know he worked making allies of Russia and China, and Iran likes him, but he made enemies with every historic ally we’ve had.

                    I’m also fully aware that the real current world leader is China. Something 99.9999% of ‘Mericuns would never admit.

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                    • See, that looks totally different from the outside. Trump is first and foremost a business man, cut him a deal and you’re safe (for a while), while the dems are totally about domination and empire. Hilary, Bernie and Biden never made it a secret about it. They don’t tend to accept compromises but are quick to send the military.


                    • Interesting. I can see how that would be an outside perspective. And probably the one shared by the 70M people who voted for what I see as an immature attention whore with 0.0 predictability.

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                    • As I already mentioned I guess it won’t make much of a difference. The most mighty man in the world is in reality nothing but a handpuppet of the military industrial complex and can’t do nothing if his overlords don’t give him permission. All the nice things public health care, more employees’ rights, free universities, a functional public infrastructure … forget about all that. No matter if Dem or Rep prez. It’s not in their interest, quite the contrary. So no dice.


                    • The Dems want to keep ObamaCare, which Rump was/is on a mission to destroy. It’s not at all a great system but it’s better than what we had before – when I literally couldn’t get insurance because I’m fat. I had to either pay bills in full or take any job that provided an employee plan.

                      Biden’s supported cancelling student loan debt but I don’t see that as ever really happening.

                      I am quite literally content with simply having some predictability and not politics by impulse and tweet!

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  2. “shared by the 70M people”

    More like 7 billion people, who all don’t give a wet towel about what happens in America but are interested in their own and their countries’ survival and thriving. Did you know that Iran is one of the most peaceful countries on the planet, that Russians are the best friends one can wish for and China is super duper adorable with their very pragmatic and functional and very own brand of communism? Whatever, none of them pose any threat to any other countries but are just interested in good relations and good business.

    The only dangerously rogue country right now is the USA. 😦


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