7 hilarious TikTok videos on the US elections that you have to watch

Oh my. Should Trump really lose the election, the world will lose the greatest pseudopolitical entertainer … ever! I mean he’s a bit like Nazis in American movies: Inherently evil but too goofy to have any of his plans working out. So he learns every day new things the rest of the human race knows since thousands of years. Kinda sad to see him leave.

Biden will be a total different asshole. We will see even less peace but more violence, invasions, bombing campaigns, the end of the beautiful Iran as we know it … 😦

Anyhoo, it’s not over yet. Guess they’re stil waiting for the last numbers from Nevada. :/

See how much fun people on Tik Tok have …


Tonight at the White House …..#biden2020

♬ original sound – Paul Hill

NOT MELANIA ALREADY LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE!!!😂😂☠️ #fyp #melaniatrump #viral

♬ sonido original – robearl


  1. Dangit… I can only see the first one! The others load without a preview in the app. Web view showed a large blank tiktok window. Clicking that went to the original post but it stalls out and won’t load.

    You know more about the election status than I do.

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    • There was no info on the election in any of the Tik Toks. Only some jokes about the sloth Nevada. BTW, all, the Twitter and the TikToks, showing nicely on my (ArchLinux powered) computer. 🙂 Can’t you run them from the IOL article … or aren’t Americans banned from foreign websites?


          • I’m sorry to say that I’ve adapted to phone apps over the past few months… though, honestly, I do very little online. The major negative side effect has been buttlaggin on my school work because it requires a a larger display and once my pc’s are off I have a hard time finding the will to reboot (I clear memory and power down after every session). A new pc, with fast boot time, might change that

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            • So many question pop up in my head:
              Is being online with a cellphone not very expensive? How do you do earnest work on such a thing anyway?

              What’s so hard at rebooting? Push the button … there you go!

              Why clear memory and power down after each session? Are you still on Windows??? My Linux guruine once had one laptop of hers on for about 1.5 years. And then she powered it down only because she wanted to switch to another Linux distro or got a new PC or so.

              I’m not that crazy, shutting down my main PC every time I leave the house. Apart from that it stays on and online. Clearing out the memory, or Window’s dreaded Registry, was never a thing with Linux. Your machine can stay on without deteriorating or getting slower at all.

              Don’t do like Orcs, and steer clear off the Arch path. If you want a super duper stable and reliable computing experience and no need for maintenance, like, ever – then choose a Debian distro. MX, Sparky or Mint’s LMDE spring to mind. Same luxuries and ease of use as the normal Mint, and no unwanted geeky shit. And a nice forum.


              • Clear and powerdown is a privacy issue for me, and not wanting personalized advertising. It’s a remnant from when employers had a harder time tracking you. I even clear my calculator history. I rarely clean my home but I like cleaning my electronics. And, yes, windows… so there are also lots of cookies and background crap which I don’t like sitting around.

                My phone is android and it makes me nuts that I can see 2 “hidden” tracking apps but can’t perm uninstall. I take them out and they come back.

                There’s no impact on price, my cell plan is unlimited data for $50/mo, which is the base cell plan price here.

                Bootup… ugh!! Both my pcs take forever to boot!! Hibernation/sleep modes drain power. On the main pc, which must be kept plugged in, I don’t like wasting (and paying for) electricity. The laptop is older and drains quickly, often dies without arounf 50% power, and takes ages to recharge. I bought a new battery but there’s too much dust/fur in my home to install it here.

                I know it’s overkill but I’ve lived through (and was hit by) the Melissa virus, computer’s being killed by power surges, and all kinds of odd crap.

                My current hardest adjustment is the idea of storing docs on the cloud. Oddly, I don’t worry about privacy or cloud servers being hacked… I simply have an embedded habit of storing things on hard drives or memory cards. It’s a bitch when I need to access something that is stored on my notebook, which has died. And my main pc suddenly doesn’t want to connect to devices via bluetooth. I have tons of hardware, software, and IT helpdesk training but still can’t debug it.

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                • “not wanting personalized advertising”
                  Don’t you use uBlock Origin?

                  “lots of cookies and background crap”
                  Even for Windows you can use Firefox, which has lots of add-ons to enable you to kill alll that shit automatically.

                  “Both my pcs take forever to boot!!”
                  Linux will cut the bootup time in half or even less!

                  “new battery but there’s too much dust/fur in my home to install it here.”
                  Arrgs! Not just for a cleaner pomcuter but generally – OPEN YOU FUKN WINDOWS AND DOORS!!! At least 15 – 20 minutes each and every morning, summer and winter! Like every German girl I’ve learned that from my mother who’s, like, bestest housewife ever!
                  But anyway, take your lappy out to the park(ing lot) or to the next café and do it there. You can loosen the screws already at home so you’re doing the battery swap guerilla style while waiting for your coffee.

                  “was hit by) the Melissa virus”
                  Windows. :/ I hate to say I told you so. 😉

                  “storing docs on the cloud”
                  Uuuuaaargs! /me throws up a little in her mouth. I always store my shit locally on now 3 external HDDs and countless USB sticks + hubby and me are sending files back and forth, and saving them on each other’s machines.

                  “still can’t debug it.”
                  Causes could be plentifold. From dust, and furballs, overheating to just loose connections or just old hardware.

                  I hate to repeat myself but I’m never getting tired of recommending: https://linuxmint.com/
                  Choose he normal Ubuntu version with Cinnamon desktop .. https://linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=281 … and you should be golden. I understand you have 2 lappies? So wot ya waitin’ for??? With 2 machines you’ll have a smooth conversion phase.

                  DO IT! DO IT NOW! Make me and the rest of Linux-powered blogreaders (more than you think) proud of you! Most if them will even happily confirm my choice of the Mint Goodness for n00bie you. 🙂 Last convertite was Becca Logan who also kept one machine on Windows but uses it less and less while doing more and more stuff on her own Mintiest Linux.



                  • My windows and doors have been open since March. FRI night was literally the first time sine then that all windows and doors were closed.

                    Yes, I run browser anti-everything add-ons/extensions. But I still clear all cookies and history after ever session. And I rum iobit full system cleaner just before I shut down. And I’ve still found sites which added themselves to exception lists. In general, one 15min internet session.. checking news… will leave over 150 cookies. F that.

                    The stuff I can’t debug is on my Android phone. I don’t know enough to find where it’s hiding the master files to keep reinstalling itself.

                    Can’t take my notebook to a cafe, they’re not open or only allow 25% customers so working is not allowed cause they need paying customers.

                    There’s not a lot of benefit for me going linux, my career and school are all Windows based.

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                    • “There’s not a lot of benefit for me going linux”

                      Oh, I beg to differ. Try it privately, experience how easy your life becomes and only do the bare minimum on Windows.

                      Tell me, what kinda stuff dou you need Windows for? I’m pretty sure we can find Win-compatible alternatives.


                    • I do medical device and biopharma equipment and desktop validation. While the devices often use unix or qnx, they’re usually designed to mimic windows. And the office computers are always running windows.

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  2. Okeeee … :/
    But, lol, such stuff you obviously do on a company-owned laptop, no? So on your own private machine you can run kool Linux for kool kidz!


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