• Mornin’ Sleepy. That hate thing must be a bad misconception on your side. I don’t hate the USA, I’m merely critical. A country that always says it’s exceptional and better than all the others but screws up far too often and proves unworthy of our trust, just sends out mixed messages and invites some mockery.
      And mark my words: If Biden wins an attack on Iran is already in the books. Pretty dangerous game you’re playing.

      The country I currently reside in has the most wonderful beaches and landscapes imaginable and isn’t doing too badly for such a poor country with a new democracy. They are peaceful and cooperating with other countries, proud to be part of BRICS but still not aggro towards the West. I know a many Americans who’d be far better off here than at home.
      And your question is illegitimate in discussions. We already learned that as little kids in preschool. It’s like forbidding investigative journalism, or not allowing any non-musicians to criticise music albums, non-directors to criticise movies, any kind of armchair experts.
      You won’t ever see me asking you ‘what your blog has posted so eye-opening lately?’ I also won’t call you a Karen, coz that’s below the belt.

      Don’t be such a petty drama queen and further enjoy your day.


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