Still No Idea …

… how the election went for our transatlantician frens, and I prefer to stay ignorant of it all and thoroughly embellished in my kittens and puppies wonderland before facing the mundane realsies of the fuglyverse again. But as a small first step back into the world of adults let me show ya Laurence Simon’s 100 Word Story of yesterday:


  1. The husband of a friend of a friend was running a campaign ad about not accepting any PAC funds, trying to show he’s not corrupt. Conveniently left out the part about being a multimillionaire after winning a $266M lotto several years ago. I know his wife and for them to be together means he’s a “not corrupt” as prez Cheato.

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    • I mean congratz on the Lotto win, and if he still had rights to cash in the PAC funds it’s indeed a proof of non-corruptness if he won’t claim it. I wouldn’t go around and paint myself a hero for it tho. :/ What he expect a goddamn medal?


      • Probably. The wife literally expected to become BFFs with Oprah. But, then, all her friends expected a massive event when she turned 40 a few months after the win, and flew on from across the country for it. Instead, they got a party decorated from the 99cent store (literally).

        Last I saw, he’s losing his race. When he won his Congressional position 2yrs ago, he spent $8M to do so. It was a record at the time.

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