Prison: Day 224

AAAAAaargs! šŸ˜®

Fuk! Imagine, me opening the IOL site to grab some Covid news for my prison report and first thing jumping at me is …

I knew it! Knew exactly this was gonna happen. Both candidates too childish to await the official results but claiming victory … and in the background armies of lawyers getting ready to do evil deeds. That’s so undignified and petty and stupid. Both idiots are practically unfit to lead a country. I’d flatout refuse to even talk to any of ’em arseholios.

Now I need a second to clear my mind of all the human debris …

Om! I’m a little fairie, nothing can touch me …

Okay, back to more positive news: Covid-19:

Okeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … I’m receiving mixed messages here. On one side they tell us a second wave is imminent, on the other they are gonna open all the businesses and even let foreigners in again.

Please don’t expect any actual news from your editrix, I know nuffink! šŸ˜¦

No, I know some stuffz. I know how we can and will survive this shit healthy and unharmed. Say it with me:

Stay at home, keep social distance, wear your mask, wash your hands, sanitize all surfaces you come in contact with, shower a lot, eat your veggies and vitamin pills, and generally be excellent to each other!

Let’s be good examples and show Trump and Biden how reasonable people behave in stressful situations.

Love and peace and cya laterz



    • I don’t get it neither. They closed all the beaches around here as well. Guess they are open again now. Totally useless shit anyway. We have thousands of kilometers of untouched beaches, I could’ve spent the last couple month of lockdown in self-isolation on a beach and nobody would’ve noticed.

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