So, Super Tuesday, eh?

We all knew and feared this day would come. Unlimited anger and hatred in a deeply diverted country, between the two camps of superduper conservative assholes. One will be bad for the American people, the other will destroy world peace. The end of civilisation and all that.

So I, for myself, will close my eyes and ears and enter my internal exile, singing la-di-da and dream of kittens and puppies …

Okay, almost forgot my fave animal … and please don’t even try to tell me it’s not real:

Oh, btw, what civilized country woud hold elections on any other day than Sunday? Isn’t it supposed to get as many people to cast their votes as possible? Obviously not so in the States. 😦 Don’t get me wrong, please, but I already know that by the end of the day a high number of Americans will have lost their lifes because, because … democracy, motherfukker!

Please wake me when this madness is the US is over …

When going out later, for rioting, don’t forget to wear your masks!

Talking about kittens and puppies …


  1. And I thought my cats were assholes!!

    We legally get paid time off to vote. But “legally” vs reality is not always the same for all people.

    I’m going off the grid tomorrow afternoon till Wed morn. It won’t change anything but at least I won’t be emotionally involved while the real chaos starts.

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