American Readers

I’ve heard your most important holiday of the year’s gonna happen tonight or sometime around that. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all TSB! readers on the left side of the big puddle. Never give up, never surrender!

And for the occasion I extra specially downloaded a wallpaper …

Creepy enuff for your tastes? But please don’t expect your editrix to get drunk tonight or take any rape drug. 😐

Okee, off to the gym with me …


  1. Trick or Treating has been “banned” in a lot of places. No one really knows who will/won’t obey that in my area.

    Most years, I’m one of only 2 or 3 houses on my block who pass out candy. Everyone else is at parties or “hiding” inside their homes. I usually give out full or giant candy bars (vs the mini bites most people hand out).

    I know my neighborkid & her fam are having friends over (no masks or distancing!). I’ll pick up something for the kids but this will otherwise be my first time not handling out candy in about 25yrs.

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  2. Sadly my usual costume party with friends was cancelled this year 😦 I do have a scary mask to wear and snickers bars to hand out if anyone comes by, but I don’t expect many. Instead I’ll just be home watching some creepy movies and eating popcorn.

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  3. Got another one for ya: a Dem rally in Texas had to be cancelled because tRump fanatics followed the tour bus, hit a car, lined the freeway, blocked the exit, and were being menacing to the Dem caravan.

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