Hello Writers!

No matter if novels, notes, handbooks, wikis, blogs, manuals or whatnot, many of us are spending most of our time not by shooting at cartooon figures in games or sailing races in Second Life but by boringly sitting hunched over our keyboards, typing in large amounts of text. I remembered about the late Luna Azulejo’s quest for a distraction-free typing application and what I could find for her subsequently in the FOSS and GNU/Linux world.

Today I found a lesser-known but obviously beloved Markdown Editor, which also soon-ish could become my favourite writing tool:

Of course I installed it inside a few seconds from the official Arch repo and …

This is how Ghostwriter appears on my desktop. A simple, free of any distractions text-producing machine, with all the power hidden in the menu, not in ya face!


With this software we can produce sleek and handsomely formated texts, that look just like made in Microsoft Word. But with a lot less of bloat and distraction. This only needs your brain and your fingers. The making-pretty part comes after you’re done.

Perfect. 🙂

Oh, and talking about Linux, did you know that …

ArchLinux users will know what’s up. =^.^=

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