Goodbye FSCup’20, Hello FSCup’21

As the 2020 season of the FSCup comes to an abrupt end – due to the C-19 situation – the always planning and scheming Viv has organized a final exhibition race in the Sea of Eki, as that venue will also go p00f by the end of November.
Read the article where Viv also talk about launching the FSCup 2021.

the Free Spirit Cup

First of all, thanks you all for the constructive feedback after last week’s post.

Since we do miss key sailors to finish the Challengers’ Cup, let’s leave this 2020 edition as is. It has been a rough year for all and I feel that it is a bit meaningless to resume the Cup now.

Nevertheless, we should celebrate and also start prepping for next year edition, and what better way to do so than by running an Exhibition Match Race at Eki ?

Justin and Fanny have agreed to proceed with it as 2019 defending champions, and so Palani and Viv will face them in a unique challenge on a new course, specially designed for the occasion.

The rules of engagement have been agreed upon as follow:

  • Date: Saturday November 21st at 1pm SLT
  • Venue: Sea of Eki, Course FSCup’20-a or FSCup’20-b (see illustration below)
  • Boat: TMS Star Class X

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