Prison: Day 216

Happy afternoon everybody!

Oh what a crappy day this was until now. First I missed the gym class today coz I was oversleeping, then I wanted to write a movie review, which didn’t go well neither. Some days ago I decided I wanted to watch Kingdom of heaven again. The 3:15 hours long directors cut of course. And I did. Still not a great film but so much better than the theatrical release of 2005.

Orlando Bloom and David Thewlis in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

So this morning I set out on my task and wrote and composed a lovely O@tM about KoH, added a buncha stills and some links to the trailer and two video essays about why the director’s cut is so much better than than the theatrical release and one about the indeed very intriguing question if the Knight Hospitaller (David Thewlis) is actually supposed to be an angel.

David Thewlis in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Anyway, after 3 hours of pouring my heart out and bleeding into the keyboard and finally hitting the PUBLISH button … NUFFINK! There was the title … and below that nothing else. 😮

Ok, the ever optimistic and sunshiney Orca that I am, I decided to use the day for a different project. So what else are we doing in lockdown, apart from having our van project, watching movies and writing a blog?

Yes, right-o, we play with GNU/Linux distros. Found out the new Fedora 33 Beta version just came out a while ago, and it’s available in other flavours than just the poweruser-ish Gnome Shell, i.e. Cinnamon and Mate. Also it’s sposedly laden with super latest new tech and cleverest ideas. So I downloaded it at once …

… put it on a stick, put the stick into Gaga and will soon attempt to install this wonder distro. Up to now I guess I never managed to finish that task successfully but it’s supposedly much easier these days. 😉

American distro. Do I dare?

Okay, I know this is not very exciting. But two stories about personal failure are all I got for you today.

You lovelies keep sound and healthy, ‘kay?

cya laterz


PS: Just received an email with this funny (for when you know computers) meme:

Thanks to Fedora all of a sudden I seem to have a life now.

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