Prison: Day 215


Guys, a full week has passed since my last report from Coronaland … LOL, as if you were living somewhere else. 😉 But everybody deals with the pandemic in their own special ways so sometimes we can’t know if we’re all sitting in the same boat. I mean, yes, of course we are, there is afterall only one boat for all of us to sit in. It’s just not easy to determine if some of the crew and passengers got the memo, if they still feel like they are sharing the boat with the rest of us.

And in that particular sprit and wonderment the two following stories have hit me right in my non-existent balls:

Let me guess their next reasoning: It’s in America’s and the Americans’ best interest if we don’t tell them how bad the situation is and how badly we fuked it all up.


Next story from Planet Corona. Like all professional sports, Rugby is fighting for its survival, so our hero sports stars are acting as good rolemodels, fighting the virus in all possible ways. Right?

Sneaking out of the hostel at night: Superduper ignorant, arrogant, childish and stupid.

At least they honour their team name. 😐

Tell me, how are your idols, rolemodels and leaders doing? Can you – honestly – still take them serious?

Statistics? No, I’m far too lazy to copypasta those shitty numbers into here. Only so much, it doesn’t look good. The restrictions have been relaxed much too early and now, as predicted, the virus is coming back to bite the responsible people and their gullible victims in the @$$! 😮 Bite us all in the ass. Shared boat, remember? :/

Frens, readers, avies, please don’t be one of them. Don’t be gullible! Don’t believe what politicians, business people, agency doctors are telling you. Not a single word! If you’re American listen to Dr. Fauci, as long as you still can, listen to real virologists. They will tell you what’s really going on. Right now you only have one job, make sure you’re save and sound … and care for the survival of the species by social distancing.

And only then, afterwards, you can Make America Great Again. Because, sorry, that isn’t and shouldn’t be on anyone’s priority list right now. And, sorry again, your politicians shot themselves in the foot by reacting all wrong to the C-19 crisis. China (your assumed enemy) dealt with the virus swiftly and thoroughly, so now they are through with it and can easily build upon their advancement and leave you us in the West even further behind.

Oh, wait, hang on for a second … just received new information …

Uh ok, if you say so Greta. Dunno what she wanted to say but factually she’s wrong. In climate and pandemic questions, when we define our planet as one boat then we factually and really only have one. And we’re all sitting in it/clinging onto it.

There is no escape from our shared boat!

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