How to be a NaNoWriMo ‘Panster’ – my 2020 NaNo talk + some free stuff!

Huck reminds us of the NaNoWriMo … OMfG, is it already November again, do you have 50,000 words in you??? As a failed writer of three overly long novels I always found the idea of the NaNoWriMo fascinating but first and foremost frightening.
Needless to say I’ve never participated but I wish all you hopefulls all the best during the upcoming month of reclusive writing marathon.

What the Huck?

Come listen to me speak at Milkwood on Saturday 31 October, 1pm SLT (you can also pick up some freebies there).

It’s nearly National Novel Writing Month! In case you’re unaware, NaNoWriMo (and, yes, it really should be called International Novel Writing Month, I know; let’s accept there are more important things to get riled about right now and let it lie) is the act of writing a 50,000 word novel within the 30 days of November. If you’ve never tried it before, there has probably never been a better year than 2020 to give it a go. NaNo is immersive, distracting from real world events and anxieties (a particularly big plus right now, though under no circumstances should you allow NaNo to distract you from voting on 3 November if you live in the USA) and, possibly best of all, a great way to spend your time that keeps…

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