Upcoming Long-Term Test: RoboLinux

RoboLinux freshly installed on Gaga, just a minute ago

Just installed this versatile Ubu/Deb based distro which should run native Windows 7 and XP software … for those who stil think they need that crappola. 😉

Oh, it’s also supposed to protect you from prying eyes. Gimme some days to find out if this shit is as good as they claim.

Jack M. Germain, the Linux Insider says:

RoboLinux is one of the most advanced desktop Linux distributions you can find. The latest release is even better, making it potentially THE best Linux variety available today for desktop users.

The Oct. 9 release of RoboLinux 11.13 is an upgraded build of the project’s Ubuntu-based distribution. But wait, there is a whole lot more to RoboLinux than just another Ubuntu-based retread.

RoboLinux is a unique distro that focuses on incorporating versions of Windows XP through Windows 10 within a fully functional Linux operating system. Many of the specialized systems applications in this Linux distro are devoted to transplanting the Windows OS and software to run in a virtual machine.

This latest version brings insanely fast bootup times. Can you say under 10 seconds? That kind of performance blows the doors of my most costly Chromebooks which are known for rapid bootup times.

This all happens without the hassle normally experienced with having to install and setup everything yourself. That is a good incentive for newcomers to switch to RoboLinux. It is even a better incentive for small businesses and disgruntled Windows users to come to Linux in general.

Or install it yourself, you know it’s free!

I know already it’s not for me since I have no need for any of its special stuffz but I’m still very curious to find out how the shit’s working.


    • Hmmmm, please allow for a couple questions/points:
      1) what about this distro if I’m not into computer projects?
      2) I hate virtual boxes
      3) my W7 times are long behind me and I don’t ever wanna see that shit again
      4) only in buntu?
      5) I hate working and geeking out at the computer
      6) did I maybe decide on the wrong distro to review?
      7) Oh my, me fubared this. 😮


      • I have only used virtual box in buntu and windows. So I don’t know how easy it is in other OS. I to am not keen on it. Its a valid review, but if you can install Linux surely you can install virtual box? I don’t get the point of it. Lol Bah humbug as us mint users smugly say

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        • I usually just use my secondary and tertiary computers for testing distros, don’t like to dabble in geeky stuff.

          So this distro empowers me to install a VM I don’t want so I can run another OS I don’t want either?

          Bah humbug is what I say, too. 🙂 Guess I’m gonna forego this specific distro review..

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  1. Thank you Orca for testing all these crazy Linux thingies so I don’t have to even consider them. I am still perfectly happy on Linux Mint and have no reason to go astray. It works perfectly well for anything I need it to do. One day I will achieve Arch Linux nirvana, but till then I will follow your trails along the way.

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    • “I am still perfectly happy on Linux Mint and have no reason to go astray. ”

      And there is no reason to go astray, you see that perfectly right, Becs. Mint is more or less complete, and the stuffs that are not already pre-installed you find in the repo. Or, in case of SL viewers on their websites.

      Talking about Arch nirvana, the ‘rolling into eternity’ aspect and that fact that we find Singularity and Firestorm viewers in the AUR makes it kinda desirable. But no, no hurry. Arch comes with its own bag of cats, so as long as you’re happy on Mint … all the power to you!

      And btw, I’m not gonna test this crazy Robolinux thing any further. When you don’t need the 2 special functions what you have is a bog standard Ubuntu.



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