Second Life Cloud Uplift: April Linden updates

Excellent info about SL’s ongoing transition from datacenters up to the fukn cloud to be found in Inara’s blog. For me, and particularly for Lucy and Bia it all centers about this tidbit by April Linden:

So more crashes, more unsits, more frozen avies in the undeterminable future of sailraces at TrYC. 😦

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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Things are moving apace with the project to transition all of the Second Life services and simulators to running on Amazon AWS cloud services.

  • On Friday, October 16th, Oz Linden offered a blog update (which I also blogged about) – when there were 100 regions on the main grid running via AWS.
  • On  Tuesday October 20th, I then blogged about the move to expand the number of regions running on AWS.
  • On the same day, I was able to give an update with news that the number of regions on AWS had increased to around 300.

On Wednesday, October 21st, April Linden gave a further update on the project’s status – A Light in the Cloud: A Migration Updatenoting that around 1,000 regions are now based on AWS. However, her blog post also comes with a request:


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