Orca In World

Mörnin’s m’dears 😉

With all the excitement and anxiety in both worlds I kinda decided that my beach parcel is too badly cut and makes not for easy building, so I went out scouting for new land. But then I thought fukit, I’m gonna try to make the best of what I have now. And with some cheatin’ we’ll make something very usable here.

Of course is my humble parcel smaller than my prim. If you’re a SL resident you know you can’t have your land hugging to the road in that way, it’s indeed a zig-zag. But I’m confident with some cheating I can make use of Linden land for parking bays and also my main building. As long as the base prim is in my parcel and I don’t put any furnitures too close to the road it should work.

So what’s this gonna be?

Fuk do I now.

That’s the reason why I didn’t buy some new parcel but decided to stay put where I am now. Route 12, beachside, water access. Not too shabby, right? In my noggin I’m toying with the idea of a multifunctional, multilevel building. Just like I planned with countless other parcels already:

As if I could ever build something like that. 😦

Parkade, onsen, blog editorial office, EndeavourOS GNU/Linux resource center, private dwellings up in the penthouse. Because my landsize is small but nearly unlimited up into the air. Building style I imagine to be something ultramodern, glass, wood, beton, neo-futuristic Japanese. You know. kinda like as if Japan ever had a steampunk era …

… or even better, this village on the building. 😮

Ok, now off to building a modern onsen pool on the second storey. :/


    • Would be everything if the beach was usable and I could sail out from my parcel. But it’s mostly blocked by the bigger neighbours. Know what? I guess I’m gonna sell or abandon afterall. That parcel is just badly misshapen.

      Wanna have it?


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