Race Day 16 with Bandit 22LTE at TrYC

The sims become slowly more and more Rough and so we had 2 crashes yesterday out of 8. Lucy, Jenna, Sea, Viv, Lisa, Moon Rugger and Sirius came to race our B25 Course with wind north east and 18 knots.

The fleet waiting for the start
the first start

The first start saw all very close together and they all left like that Triumphal and got all stopped at the boarder to Dunai Sound.
That sim was offline and someone just asked to restart that one parallel to our racestart. This sim had no problems at all 30min before and no one was around there. I watched the area the whole time because of the parallel running Topless Cruise to see where the Cruisers are.More to this and some more Actions at the end of this report.
I called all back to Triumphal for a Restart of the race.

second start was as close as the first one

The fleet sailed fast with their wonderfull colored spins up to buoy 2.
Between buoy 1 and 2 were two boats waiting, one big Endeavour Trimoran and a FS. I watched them the whole time as well. Both just started when they saw the fleet coming. The FS was the same that hit one of our racers some weeks ago already on purpose and the Endeavour belonged to the cruisers as well, because i saw it a bit later sailing to the party area. The Endeavour tried to sail through the race fleet into Dunai area which was far away from the cruise route and the FS sailed far north of the actual cruise route. They didnt react at all on my call to respect the racers, but fortunately their skills were bad yesterday and they missed the fast sailing fleet totally.
Because of These actions and because of getting their names (i will publish the names when they do it again) i couldnt get any pics of the first Long upwind to the wreck and Roman boat.

Lisa first at the Roman Boat
jenna, Viv and Lucy following next
Sea, Sirius and Moon following next
and Rugger at the end
Lisa and Jenna already around buoy 4 followed now by Viv, Lucy, Sea, Sirius and Moon

Viv on her chase through the fleet and having an exciting duell on the leg to buoy 5 with Jenna.

Jenna still in front of Viv
Jenna, Viv, Lucy, Sea and Moon close together on the leg to buoy 5
Lisa ahead of all first at buoy 5
Jenna, Viv, Lucy, Sea and Moon still close together at buoy 5

Viv passed Jenna and Moon passed Sea and caught up with Lucy on the leg to buoy 6

see the new order at buoy 6
Viv in front of Jenna and Moon following the still leading Lisa on the northern route back to Dunai area
Lisa alone at the buoy 9 in Dunai West
followed by Viv,
Moon, Lucy
and Sea

During the Zigzag Course through the northern Dunai sims the postions didnt Change anymore.

Lisa finished first
Viv second
Jenna third follwed by Moon fourth
Lucy fifth
and Sea sixth

Here is the result from yesterday:

Race 16: 2020-10-20-TrYC Bandit 22LTE-NE18-[14:19]:

1: Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Race Time: 0:27:09 10 points
2: vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Race Time: 0:27:49 7 points
3: jnx1e Resident BSd171 – Race Time: 0:28:09 5 points
4: moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Race Time: 0:28:18 4 points
5: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:28:33 3 points
6: filax Carter BS71ec – Race Time: 0:28:57 2 points
7: Sirius Rosca BS6b75 – Not Finished 1 point
7: ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Not Finished 1 point

Lap Times:
Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:27:05
vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:27:42
jnx1e Resident BSd171 – Start: 0:00:01 – Last lap: 0:28:08
moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:28:10
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:05 – Last lap: 0:28:28
filax Carter BS71ec – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:28:55
Sirius Rosca BS6b75 – Start: 0:00:06 – Last lap: Not Finished
ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: Not Finished

Standing overall TrYC 2020 B22LTE Championchip (after 16 races):
Sailor – points – number of races
Lisa – 106 – 13
Moon – 98 – 14 (16)
Jenna – 72 – 14
Nicole – 66 – 14
Lucy – 55 – 14 (16)
Porter – 41 – 4
Julie – 26 – 7
Sea – 25 – 13
Yvani – 22 – 4
Viv – 19 – 4
Emileigh – 15 – 3
Adeli – 13 – 2
Joris – 8 – 1
Rugger – 8 – 3
Magalie 6 – 4
Isa – 5 – 2
Nicci – 4 – 3
Victoria – 3 – 1
Candy 2 – 1
Lalia – 2 – 1
Dream – 1 – 1
Meireles – 1 – 1
Cilian – 1 – 1
Hwem – 1 – 1
Sirius – 1 – 1

The summary just about the sailing Actions includes a far ahead sailing Lisa after the restart, two exciting chases of Viv and Moon with exciting duells and unfortunately 2 crashes.

But there happened some more strange Things around our race. A good friend lately told me that i should better report things here without emotions (which isnt really easy after i watched yesterday combined with all already happened in the past).
The Topless Cruise wasnt crossing the race fleet during the last 3 weeks, but this week they used again the same area as we do.
I am noit judging what happened, i just report what i watched.

1. some of the sailors practiced the start and the first legs before the race and the Dunai sims were all fine and had no issues at all. But still someone asked for a restart of Dunai Sound right parallel to our start time. That sim is the only one you can cross to leave Dunai area and to enter the main race area and so the hole fleet got stopped at the boarder to Dunai Sound.
In my opinion it was a very strange timing for a restart of that central sim or what do you think?

2. In Tymel and Pan Suong were two boats waiting for about nearly one hour and just started sailing when the fleet crossed Dunai Sound after the restart of the race and tried to sail right through the fleet.
In my opinion another very strange timing or what do you think?

Fortunately the later restart of our race caused that most of the cruisers were already back in Twice Bitten and the bad skills of the Endeavour and FS Skipper didnt cause any major trouble for our racers.

Stay all save and healthy and hopefully see you all next time again.

hugs and kisses


    • Just got an idea … how about all your racers edit their boats to phantom and just sail through any offenders. Ignore them completely.

      No harm no foul. =^.^=

      Or, almost a bit mean: Ask a friend to edit any offending boat, nail them in place, so they can’t move at all.

      Liked by 2 people

      • That’s exactly the thing. You can’t prove any foul play so LL, following old tradition, will say they don’t get into fights between residents. 😦

        Buuut, here’s another idea: You can also use the Farragut line, and more northerly the Queequeg and Fedallah lines. I used them in the past as Dire Strait is mostly empty and unlaggy. You can also sync them to the TrYC line and have one-way long course races.

        Or … use the old heart of mainland sailing, Sea of Fables (Adriatic line) and Mare Secundus (Hepurn line). Of course was Sansara often very laggy and crashy in the old days but nowadays there is hardly any organized racing in the area, and we have better servers now. So races should be interesting and beautiful. You can also sail from the Debelox line around The Peanut. 😉 Jane did it often and her races have always been fun. Also, if I’m not mistaken, there should still be a raceline in the Jeogeot Gulf. But it’s military RP area these days so it can lead to conflicts.

        Liked by 2 people

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