Lab expanding number of regions on AWS

Our favourite allround blogger, Inara, has written a very infornative piece about SL’s ongoing migration to the cloud. The only question we sailors, pilots, drivers and riders are interested in – how are the sim crossings? – is not answered in Inara’s article tho. 😦 Hmm, maybe it’s too early to determine if the cloud is gonna cripple our simcrossing attempts.
Anyhoo, read the article, leave a Thumb Up for Inara and discuss your simcrossing experiences in the comment section below.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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On Friday, October 16th, Oz Linden posted about the work in migrating Second Life services to running on Amazon AWS cloud servers and infrastructure – see: Uplift Update, which I expanded upon in Oz Linden posts on Second Life cloud uplift status.

At the time of that update, it was indicated that about 100 regions on Agni, the main grid, had been transitioned to running on AWS, comprising a mix of Linden-held, Mainland and private regions.

Commencing on Tuesday, October 20th, the Lab will be expanding on the number by “a few hundred” regions during week #43. The announcement came via a forum post by Bugsly Linden, which reads in full (re-formatted for ease of reading):

This week marks the beginning of medium-scale migration of production regions to the cloud (AWS). We will be transferring a few hundred…

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  1. Answered in previous articles (one linked-to in my piece above 🙂 ). Region crossings were improved as a result of the initial Aditi Blake Sea cloning (which uncovered some serious issues or AWS issues) & the updates made to the crossing handling code as a result. These updates were actually deployed to the main grid well ahead of any uplift, and at the time resulted in noticeable improvements (again, as I reported at the time). That said, there are further improvements that could be made to help keep things more predictable – and those will likely come in time and A.U (“after uplift”).

    Main grid testing between AWS to AWS and between AWS and co-lo regions has been difficult due to the relative paucity of main grid regions on AWS thus far. However, where testing has been possible, the reports have generally been that these AWS / AWS and AWS / co-lo crossings are “smooth”.

    A further update on status pending my Simulator User Group summary, due out later on October 20th.

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    • Thx for the head-up Inara. Following TrYC RD’s Lucy and Bianca race reports, they see a lot of unsittings and other script errors since the transition into the sky. So maybe the crossing is smooth but won’t help if you either get freezed or completely tossed off your boat some seconds later, mid-sim. 😮

      The girls are doing fantastic jobs, keeping people busy and entertained inworld but it won’t help if LL kickz their paying customers in the head, week after week. 😦


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