Prison: Day 208

Hello my dear mask wearers …

got I good news for you! πŸ™‚

And in more earnest but actually even better news we see how the Russians are gonna save the world … again:

In two months? What a nice xmas prezzie. πŸ™‚

Okay, that’s it for today. Guess I won’t be blogging anymore today so cya tomorrow. In the meantime you stay save and healthy … and frosty! Alright?



  1. I’ve spent many years working for biopharma companies, seen hood & bad clinical trials, and I don’t plan to take ANY vaccine anytime soon!!

    I will give US firms credit for taking their time due to the amount of late night “did you take xxx and later get zzz side effect? Call now to join our class action lawsuit” commercials. There are soooo many products that pass “fast track” testing only to later turn out to have horrific side effects. I think the most interesting (because I didn’t use it) is the diabetes med that turned out to cause gangrene of the “taint”. Ewwww!!

    Hell, I got med-induced lupus from a common blood pressure med because my doc didn’t know and my specific med wasn’t on the list till around the time I finally tested positive… after 2yrs of symptoms. It was an easy cure… stop taking the med… but it’s only been recently (another year) that I stopped feeling like shit 24/7.

    A bacon mask… crazy. Since it’s Oct, I wonder if anyone’s invented a pumpkin spice mask!!

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    • “I don’t plan to take ANY vaccine anytime soon!!”

      Neither do I, hun. Neither do I. But I guess we’re not supposed to take the vaccine when and if we’re healthy. And if I’m sick like a dog, can’t breathe and am close to exiting this earthly life I’d sure as all fuk take the vaccine … double dose if possible and shit on the side effects. The only interesting side effect is survival!

      But you’re right to be sceptical. Particularly about Russian meds. They can’t even manage to kill Skripal and Navalny with their feeble killer drug Novitchok.

      One could almost think they didn’t even try. 😐


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