Shields races – October 17th

After 2 weeks of match races with Moon, people were back, including Phil after more than one year off races.

As usual we had 2 races, first being 2 laps of C3.

A great start by Elli, followed by Paul, Moon, Phil, Pat and Lamp

Finishing 1st lap, Paul caught Elli, with Moon just behind

Having problems in the upwind leg, Elli fell to third place

And to 4th, as Phil overtake her

Moon overtaking Paul

Moon (1st) and Paul (2nd) finishing

Phil and Elli

Pat and Lamp

C3 (2 laps) Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident moon – Race Time: 0:10:30
2: xPaulx Paine xp1 – Race Time: 0:10:40
3: PhilOona Resident Oona – Race Time: 0:11:32
4: Ellion Melodie EM29 – Race Time: 0:11:39
5: retune Resident Patricio – Race Time: 0:12:19
6: Lampoon Destiny LD97 S4L-4 – Race Time: 0:12:24

Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident moon – Start: 0:00:11 – Lap 1: 0:05:19 – Last lap: 0:05:00
xPaulx Paine xp1 – Start: 0:00:08 – Lap 1: 0:05:18 – Last lap: 0:05:14
PhilOona Resident Oona – Start: 0:00:12 – Lap 1: 0:05:48 – Last lap: 0:05:32
Ellion Melodie EM29 – Start: 0:00:09 – Lap 1: 0:05:42 – Last lap: 0:05:48
retune Resident Patricio – Start: 0:00:19 – Lap 1: 0:05:44 – Last lap: 0:06:16
Lampoon Destiny LD97 S4L-4 – Start: 0:00:30 – Lap 1: 0:05:40 – Last lap: 0:06:14

Second race, O5

Paul, Phil and Pat, and behind Moon, Lamp and Elli

A nice fight among Moon and Phil

Paul starting the downwind leg, followed by Pat, Moon and Phil (still fighting) Lamp and Elli

The fleet with winged sails

Two duels: Pat and Phil for 3rd place and Elli and Lamp, for 5th

Paul well ahead the fleet, with Moon in second place

Lamp hitting the island, losing many seconds to return to to course

While the fleet entered Dunai South for the last leg, Elli’s boat went straight, alone 😦

Paul finishing

O5 Race Results:
1: xPaulx Paine xp1 – Race Time: 0:17:40
2: moonglownight Resident moon – Race Time: 0:17:49
3: retune Resident Patricio – Race Time: 0:18:01
4: PhilOona Resident Oona – Race Time: 0:18:12
5: Lampoon Destiny LD97 S4L-4 – Race Time: 0:19:30
10: Ellion Melodie EM29 – Not Finished

Lap Times:
xPaulx Paine xp1 – Start: 0:00:06 – Last lap: 0:17:34
moonglownight Resident moon – Start: 0:00:12 – Last lap: 0:17:37
retune Resident Patricio – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:17:53
PhilOona Resident Oona – Start: 0:00:06 – Last lap: 0:18:06
Lampoon Destiny LD97 S4L-4 – Start: 0:00:14 – Last lap: 0:19:16
Ellion Melodie EM29 – Start: 0:00:27 – Last lap: Not Finished

More pics:

October rank:


  1. It seems Elli was the only one with problems. From where does she connect, how is her internet? Could be interesting for her to know why the other didn’t have problems: Distance to LL servers, route, type of connection, speed, latency, wired or wireless …


    • Lamp and Elli are married in RL and they live in the Florida Keys. They do use to have problems during the hurricanes season, but I don’t know how it was for them yesterday, as the collision of Lamp with the island was strange, as if he had lost control, but he didn’t say anything about.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe he was on the RL toilet during the collision. 🙂

        Hmmm, married … oh my. If they are on DSL they are stealing bandwith from each other since they share the same connection. Back when I was still active hubby knew he had to leave the internet while I was racing. Now with the fibre it’s much cooler; we both get the full speed up and down. I don’t know what kind of service they have in the Florida cayos. It’s mostly muddy ground, would be easy and cheap to put in some fibre connection from Miami to Key West. But problems during hurricane season? OMfG, are they on some mobile internet shit? And because Trump doesn’t like Huawei, Americans don’t get G5? 😦

        Maybe not enough people living in the keys to make economical sense for the ISP monopoly. But in our complex we have only 117 units and still two fibre companies digging trenches and laying down their fibres independently from each other. Into every home! But you know how it works – respectively how it not works – in America. :/

        Liked by 1 person

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