Microsoft just force restarted my Windows PC again to install more unwanted apps

Just found the most evil Windows story on Robin’s blog, who reblogged this from Ikky’s Personal Blog.

Robin comments:

Omygosh… More reasons to dump that maddening OS and use a Linux desktop OS!

I think it’s typical for The Verge “journalists” to still cling onto outdated and outclassed American software giants programs. We all remember the worst “How to build a computer” misfire in the history of YouTube ever. And where Robin came to the right conclusion (he’s on Linux longer than I am) Ikky didn’t come up with any consequential plan of action at all. 😮

Anyhoo, here’s da storee:


    • That’s a good sign and will hopefully get more people to see the light and make the switch to Linux. Or make them at least aware of MS’s business strategies.


  1. It is most annoying the sheer amount of crap you have to turn off on Windows. Simpler to install what programmes you need and use it offline. Transfer your work in an out via a USB.

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    • Aaaaaaaw, oké! Now all is better and MS is my hero again … NOT!

      Just stopping an evil does not make you good, Microsoft! Not even closely to neutral. You just put your evildoing TEMP on hold … until the protests have died down and nobody’s considering you as the monster anymore. And then you start the next attack on people’s privacy and stealing their hardware via your possessed operating system. 😮

      The only bug was that some users found out about what their update did.

      And still some people have the chuzpe to complain about Linux updates and how they couldn’t live with that amount of maintenance. 😐


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