Prison: Day 206

Still breathing?

Good. Now let’s have another peek at our most beloved politically motivated viral infection:

People say it’s good

Now, please don’t get me wrong, this ain’t Americaphobic hateposting. I just stumbled over this trailer, haven’t seen the docu yet and don’t really know if I’m going too. Just know where you can get it if you wanna. =^.^=

Meanwhile in South Africa we see climbing numbers …

This isn’t even the second wave yet. 😮

What I think … is insignificant. Me no doctor, me no clue has. I’ll tell you nevertheless and you can correct me when I’m wrong. Ok?

I think some measures are totally overdone. Most of us are perfectly healthy so there is no danger in mingling with other people. But wearing our masks ain’t a big inconvenience neither, is it? So I guess among concurring adults some easing of the lockdown rules are in order. See, it’s 5:45 A.M. right now, in kinda 2 hours I have appointment with the wurst spraypainter ever and we’ll both take our masks off. Because we both healthy and breathing under a mask is crap and kinda leads to hyperventilation.

But when I enter a supermarket or a shopping mall where I come close to hundreds of people I’ll wear my mask like a good little ninja. Easy rules, no? There s really no need to politicise every little step on the way through this crisis; people wearing masks aren’t extremists. People fighting against any lockdown rules with all their might are radical aholes indeed. Laws are laws, rules are rules, being curteous towards your fellow humanites is a must!

9 out of 10 do recover!

But have you seen, that despite climbing number of infections, the virus seems to have lost some of its deadly power already. Most infected patients are healing fast and he symptoms are indeed much milder than in the beginning. See for example the POTUS, isn’t he a perfect rolemodel of how to deal with the COVID-19 virus? Just get into he most advanced, most expensive intensive care hospital and you’re healthy and fit as a pair of sneakers a couple days later.

What, you can’t afford that? Hey, what’s good enough for your prez should be good enough for you! Or do you wanna be a traitor?

That’s it for today. We/I don’t know shit about Corona and what’s the best way to react. But what I do know kinda exactly is that wearing our PPE masks, keeping social distance and sanitize ourselves are easy to follow habits … and they can never harm!

You awesome readers stay cool and healthy, ‘kay?

And as always, CYA laterz


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