Don’t Stop Me Now!

Oh noes! 😮 Don’t look!!!

OpenSuse passed us? OpenFuckinSuse??? Fuk dat!

Why? What does such a bad old people’s distro do in front of us? We had our eyes already firmly set on deepin, a distro as bad as can be with only and exclusively its good looks speaking for it. Yes, Deepin was the next to fall. And hobbling out of the left field comes old Suzy and passes us by. 😦 That’s not fair. That’s not right. By now EndeavourOS should rightfully be on #12 or even broken into the Top 10. But no, judging by the little red arrow it’s trending downwards. 😮

What’s wrong with the world?

Well, we don’t care, do we? We know what we have – the bestest ArchLinux derivative – and we’re using it with pride and joy. Let all those Suzy’s and Chinabuntu fraggelz deal with their overly complicated kiddie caca and geek out about their hobby horses, we EOS users don’t have no time for that. We’ve got work to do and need a stable, rugged, fast and humble Arch system. We need EndeavourOS!

No! EOS ain’t gay! Maybe a tiny bit lesbian … but not flaming queer! And it doesn’t die from AIDS or Covid-19. EOS is unstoppable now!

Hmmm, maybe Endeavour is a tiny bit queer … only coz it’s kool!

Ok, hold my beer and let me quickly click 20 times on EOS’ website to get the numbers trending up again and boldly go where no other Linux has gone before …

The U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-1895 is a good ship!


    • LOL, you won’t find my mugshot there for I’m not a member of the EOS team, nor any other Linux distro dev team. I don’t know enough about all that geeky stuff. And even if, I’m not entirely sure if they would accept a middle aged woman in their midst.

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  1. hahaha! (y) coders are truly special, talented, and odd individuals. however, the FOSS geeks need support of regular people and most of them don’t care about A/S/L. imho it’s the mindset that matters not nerd levels.

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    • Okay, to be honest I don’t wanna, am just too lazy and not interested enough in computer stuffz anyway. As a user I’ve found my home and can discuss why I’m on that distro and not on any other or on Windows or Mac and why I don’t use smartphones. But that’s it.

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        • Thank you kindly, Sir. I’m relieved to see that you, off all people, respect me as a member of the EOS community. 🙂
          And yes, it is indeed important to raise awareness and propagate Linux a bit. Particularly with all the shit going on around Win10’s de-owning of the users and Apple’s no-repair policy.
          It’s time for the sheeples to learn that they didn’t lease their machines but factually own them outright to do with them as they fukn please!

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