More Storage Can Never Harm

Slowly running out of space on our external hard drive. So, while shopping for medical stuffz today I went into the small computer store in our local shopping mall and bought one more. Now busy transfering our extended movies, anime and TV series folder onto the new pladder and …

… maybe I should’ve transfered our personal data, that would’ve been fast. Pulling all the audio-visual shit from one pladder to the other will last kinda almost 3 hours. 😮 Know what? I fukn do it …

Ya-haha! I may be stupid. But not that stupid! 😐

Stop the transition, use our private shitfiles instead. This should be finished in 30 minutes 2 hours or so. Who said girls can’t computer?


    • The new platter? A lady will honour you with an answer: 2TB. My older is 1TB, and I still got a very old 512GB but that one is unfortunately painfully slow.
      SSDs are still too costly here since bizniz managers think it’s ultra new tech. :/

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