Finally back… well, kinda

Viv is back with the FS Cup!
Due to circumstances, 2020 and all that stuff, the continuation will be a little or a lot different from the original plan, tho.
But best read the details yourself:

the Free Spirit Cup

September has come and passed.

Yet, no news on the Free Spirit Cup. “What is Viv doing?” they keep asking…

Well, I m finally back but the news are not good, since we are still missing key sailors to carry on sailing the Challengers’ semi-finals.

After a few exchanges with parties still involved in the Cup, I am sorry to announce we will have to cancel that match (the 2nd semi-final) and possibly the Challengers’ Finals.

What could remain to close this 2020 edition is one match race, in a best-of-five format, between the defending team (Fanny and Justin, the 2019 Cup winners) and the one team already qualified for the Challengers’ Finals (Viv and Palani).

Now, the calendar to wrap things up must take into account the Daylight Saving Time switch, set to happen on Sunday October 25 in Europe and on November 1st in North America.

What do…

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  1. Its not my Cup and i didnt even sailed in it, but i have some thoughts:
    1. The year 2020 has been and still is a crazy one and everyone would understand if you just cancel the Cup 2020 and start a new one for 2021. What would be the win of the Cup worth when the other challengers halffinal cant be done and you just do the final with Fanny?

    2. If just one of the other halfinalists can continue, make them winner of the challengers halffinal and do the challengers final with him or her. For example in a Tennis game if one of the two competitiors got injured during the game he/she can use a medical timeout to get help and try again or give up and the other will be the winner. You gave the others the same time, but i think its ok to say now the remaining halffinalist is the winner and should do the challengers final.

    3. If the missing challengers halffinalist will come back until the 2021 Cup will start give them the chance in a Show Match Race to compete for the 2020 Cup.
    A. If they loose all was correct.
    B. If they win give then they get the right to decide either to join the group of challengers 2021 again or they get the chance for another winners final. The Overall final then will be done between winner of winners final and winner of the challengers final.

    If you would ask me personally i would say chancel the whole 2020 Cup and start preparations for a 2021 Cup.

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  2. “The year 2020 has been and still is a crazy one and everyone would understand if you just cancel the Cup 2020 and start a new one for 2021.”

    Honestly … no! 2020 with everybody sitting at home in self-isolation, is perfect to spend 24 h/day in front of a computer and test Linux distros and sail in SL.
    Now, if it was a RL sailing regatta, that’s a different story.

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  3. Thanks for your comments, Bianca. I can relate to your points and the easiest way is to cancel the whole thing indeed.
    Thing is, the other semi-finalist team is not ready to sail, they told me they were forfeiting as well.
    We still have the Sea of Eki for a few weeks, so I thought it would be interesting to host one final Match Race to close the season. You know, the Cup is only a pretext to set up match races… I think the format of one-on-one duel is an exciting one. I see this as an opportunity to create a little buzz around the formula, so we can prepare in the best conditions for next year’s Cup (if there is one).
    I am still pondering the options.

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    • “so we can prepare in the best conditions for next year’s Cup (if there is one).”

      Oh there has to be one, Viv! This pandemic situation can’t go on forever. And if everybody on the planet would’ve acted responsibly and reasonable (not like our great leaders) we’d be through with it by now. But I still fail to see why a fukn virtual cup was disrupted by the pandemic. Our avies are unkillable and can sail and race up the wazoo, while their puppateers are sitting at home with nothing to do. Perfect conditions for some serious online projects.


      • All good in theory indeed, except if some sailors go missing for unknown reasons while others are suddenly so handicapped by their poor internet connections that they can no longer compete…

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        • i for example heard from a friend who lost his home in the latest californian bushfires and lives now with relatives and some bad Internet. So these things can happen… and well the Sword of Corvid is hanging above us all as well…

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