Race Day 15 with Bandit 22LTE at TrYC

Weather conditions looked on the face of it quite well because all finished. But looking deeper into the details we slowly notice that sims become slowly more laggy. Script errors on most simcrossings, stop and go sailing in different sims and one unsit of Julie. This is the result of no rolling Restarts in this area now for 2 weeks and we still have to wait another week probably. Rolling restarts this week only on RC channel. Sea, Julie, Lisa, Nicci, Viv, Moon, Rugger and Lucy came to the race on our B25 Course with North West wind and 18 knots.

The fleet just before the start

Because of having the sim crossing into Triumphal only a little north of the raceline it always looks a bit messy with the flying boats, but thats only the result of a slow crossing showing to the spectators.
But you can see some trying to avoid to cross the line overearly and sailing a bit parallel without disturbing someone. The best start had Lisa. Watch the color change of the line from red to green and see Lisa coming out of the nothing with nearly perfect timing and full speed.

the start of the race

This start gave already the lead and she left Triumphal already 20m before the others.

Lisa already passed buoy 2, followed by Moon, Lucy and Julie
Sea, Nicci, Rugger and Viv followed just a Little later
Lisa passed the wreck before Moon
followed by Lucy and Julie
Viv, Sea, Rugger and Nicci followed still with a Little distance
after the first upwind leg to buoy 4 Lisa still in the lead followd by Moon, Lucy and Julie
Moon, Lucy and Julie encircle buoy 4

On this upwind leg Moon managed to pass Viv and Sea again.

Rugger, Viv, Sea and Nicci at buoy 4
Lisa still ahead of Moon and Lucy at buoy 5

On the long and fast spin leg to buoy 5 Viv windshadowed Rugger very clever and passed him again.

Julie ahead of Viv and Rugger
Moon, Lucy, Julie and Viv following Lisa after buoy 6

Lisa and Viv took the northern route passing the roman boat a second time while all the others went classical on the southern route and passed the Lighthouse.

Moon, Lucy and Julie passing the Lighthouse
followed by Rugger,
and Sea

After the Lighthouse Julie got pulled of the boat, but could find it again and continued. During this bad luck of Julie Rugger and Nicci passed her and she started her chase.

Lisa far in the lead in Dunai West
followed by Moon and Lucy
Viv still in her little duell with Rugger in Dunai West
Julie caught up with Nicci again and passed her with a better tack in Dunai West

Watching the fleet and because of Lisa was too fast i missed her finish. Sorry Lisa, but congrats for the win.

Moon finishes 2nd with Lucy in his neck
Lucy finishes 3rd

Viv tried to finish with spin, but that means on this low awa the boat is hard to control. So she missed the east raceline buoy, had to turn around and tried to cross the line for her finish again. In the meantime Rugger caught up and well it happened what you might imagine on the following picture.

Viv and Rugger on “cuddle Course”

Rugger was faster than Viv thought and she tacked right in front of him. Because of this she stopped Rugger and could pass the line before him. No time left to give her a penalty for that, and because of the next sailors were quite some time behind i didnt disqualify Viv but set her manually in the results behind Rugger and think thats the fairest way for all.

Julie finished 6th
Nicci 7th
and Sea 8th

And here is the result from yesterday:

Race 15: 2020-10-13-TrYC Bandit 22LTE-NW18-:

1: Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Race Time: 0:27:23 11 points
2: moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Race Time: 0:28:01 8 points
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:28:12 6 points
4: ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Race Time: 0:29:15 5 points
5: vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Race Time: 0:29:14 4 points (Viv set one place behind Rugger because of her foul on the raceline against Rugger)
6: JulieRoyale Resident BSdd96 – Race Time: 0:30:26 3 points
7: Nicci Neox BSa594 – Race Time: 0:30:39 2 points
8: filax Carter BS71ec – Race Time: 0:32:30 1 point

Lap Times:
Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:27:21
moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Start: 0:00:10 – Last lap: 0:27:51
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:28:08
vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Start: 0:00:17 – Last lap: 0:28:57
ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Start: 0:00:12 – Last lap: 0:29:03
JulieRoyale Resident BSdd96 – Start: 0:00:03 – Last lap: 0:30:23
Nicci Neox BSa594 – Start: 0:00:15 – Last lap: 0:30:24
filax Carter BS71ec – Start: 0:00:11 – Last lap: 0:32:19

Standing overall TrYC 2020 B22LTE Championchip (after 15 races):
Sailor – points – number of races
Moon – 97 – 14 (15)
Lisa – 96 – 12
Jenna – 67 – 13
Nicole – 66 – 14
Lucy – 53 – 14 (15)
Porter – 41 – 4
Julie – 26 – 7
Sea – 23 – 12
Yvani – 22 – 4
Emileigh – 15 – 3
Adeli – 13 – 2
Viv – 12 – 3
Joris – 8 – 1
Rugger – 7 – 2
Magalie 6 – 4
Isa – 5 – 2
Nicci – 4 – 3
Victoria – 3 – 1
Candy 2 – 1
Lalia – 2 – 1
Dream – 1 – 1
Meireles – 1 – 1
Cilian – 1 – 1
Hwem – 1 – 1

We saw today Lisa sailing wire to wirewithout any mistakes, Moon and Lucy trying really their best to catch up with Lisa, an exciting duell between Viv and Rugger during nearly the whole race and a nice chase of Julie after her bad luck with the unsit.

Stay all safe and healthy and hopefully see you all back again next week for some more exciting race actions here at TrYC racing area.

hugs and kisses


  1. “thats the fairest way for all.”
    Good decision, Bianca. Maybe not according to the ISAF rules but humanely fair for both parties. And as Mandalorian fans we all know and agree: “THIS IS THE WAY!”

    Love your videos. Are you getting better with those?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Little Fairies watching over us to protect us sailors from the ugly SL monster lags.
    Big thanks to Bianca for keeping the fire burning.
    Regarding the race, there was difficult conditions indeed. After a decent start, just behind Lisa, my troubles started quickly. First, my cam went upside down, switching to tracking mode from a distance, after I crossed out of Triumphal, and then again crossing into Dunai Sound. Disoriented, I mismanaged my boat, and she let me know by stopping there. I lost nearly a full sim on the fleet right there. I am still unsure that I passed the first buoy on the correct side, btw.
    Anyway, the race turned out to be an interesting chase for me, catching up first with the group made of Sea, Ruggero and Nicci. Ruggero resisted the whole upwind leg between #3 and #4, but I managed to use my better position to pass him on the run to #5, as mentioned by Bianca.
    Unfortunately as I was closing on the Moon/Lucy duo in Dunai, again a bad crossing sent me 100º off my course, as I was entering Dunai West. Instead of putting the pressure on Lucy, I had to watch behind me again to preserve my position from Ruggero’s return. There was little actual danger, however, the final meters turned tragic again with another bad crossing back into Triumphal.
    Just to put the record straight, I did not see Ruggero, just like I didn’t see the line before that so I ended up bumping into the leeward buoy and my boat passed outside of the buoy, so I did not register on the finish line. By the time I realised that and managed to cross the line again, twice (once going North, then once going South to finally register a time and finish), Ruggero was on me. I wonder why he did not sail straight to the line, he would’ve had all the room necessary to pass by my boat and finish before I could close on my double U-turn…. Anyway, I was in the wrong for not keeping clear (although that could be discussed too: I had completed my tack then and was on starboard tack like him and leeward of him, so argument could go both ways)
    To sum things up: a mostly fun race for me, with an interesting chase and tactical choices, despite the few technical hiccups that SL throws so often at us.
    See you all next time. Keep the regatta coming and that fun spirit burning! Cheers & bon vent!

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    • Thank you for the long and interesting comment Viv.
      We were quite in paradise last weeks around TrYC and the sims and crossings (now all on Main channel) behaved most of the time a lot better than on Blake. But after two weeks of no rolling Restarts we are running into the same laggy sims as Blake has after one week.
      And well Julie got pulled off her boat on one of those crossings and Lisa nearly got a heart attack when she stopped for a bit on one and thought already she would crash again.
      We all hope strongly that LL will fix this bug they created with the faster crossings.

      And well here is some more food for the discussion at the end. I learned that when you tack in front of someone else you loose your ROW and there was no room for Rugger in that moment anymore to react.
      Yes he could have been gone more directly to the line and pass you by that, but he didnt. And i know its sometimes very hard to see the others coming so fast out of the nothing in a fast boat like the B22LTE is. But in the end he hit your boat in the middle and got stopped.

      And yes the races are too exciting to stop them… so we will have a lot more of them…

      Liked by 3 people

  3. As per Rule 13, one must keep clear of others as one tacks, that is “until she is on a close-hauled course”. Also, one loses ROW as one tacks if they had ROW before tacking. So, if you tack too close to someone else, and hit them or make them veer away from their courses to avoid contact, you’re in the wrong as you have no ROW.
    However, if the hit occurs AFTER the boat has finished tacking i.e. as soon as she is on a close-hauled course (which was the case, btw), that is where the discussion starts, focusing on what the new situation is from the boats’ relative positions to one another, whether you acquire ROW from the position after the tack (rule 15), whether, as you acquired ROW, your subsequent actions did leave enough room and time for the other boat to adjust and react to your changes in direction (rule 16), and whether you did your best to avoid contact (rule 14)…
    See, lots of potential discussions 🙂
    Here, indeed, you were most likely right to assess that I did not leave enough room and space for Ruggero to react.
    And I am certainly not challenging your call as RD, rather simply commenting to enlighten our readers on what happened and where the judge’s decision comes from.

    Liked by 3 people

    • well i never really learned all rules… when i started organising the races everyone expected i know them as well, so i tried my best to learn the most important ones. but well i try to use common sense more than every little details of the rules book with all the different rules and exceptions.
      We race here mostly for our fun and not for 1 Million Dollar pricemoney. Thats why i prefer a more relaxed way to look at rules, thats why i dont like to DSQ someone easily after they tried to sail their very best for approx 30min and try to find a solution which is not always following the rules but seems to be fair for all.

      Viv dont worry your comments were great and hopefully help some in here. I might have a special or unusual way to host my race, but that fits me best and i try to learn more every day but will stay always me.

      Liked by 2 people

      • “but will stay always me.”
        Right-o! We don’t want you to turn into Viv or Lucy or whoever races around Nautilus’ southern waterways.


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