Oubaas’ Lightshow!

Look who’s back from the electrician.

And in order to check if everything is ok with the lighting situation I just went out in the parking lot and made some photos during the break of dawn …

Quite the light show for such an old vehicle, innit?

So, we now have LED headlights and parking lights I guess, and LED additional brights (for when we race in a ralley, LOL), oldtimey foglights and indicators. And, for the first time ever, also hazards!

And … after 3 years or so, Oubaas got a new starter motor, so he should go vroom vroom on first attempt in the morning … every morning! Almost like a real car. 😉

Next things to do:

  • shout at panelbeater
  • get carburettor checked
  • get powersteering rack

Slowly we’re going somewhere.


    • Why? Bright is cool, bright is safe! The bulbs that were in before were much too dim.
      I guess I had the mains on full bright for the photo, so usually they are dimmer and I’m not showing the foglights and additional brights.


    • Not when your monetary means are as limited as ours. The new LED bulbs in the main headlights are a safety measure, as the old ones were rather dim. Either people in the 60s had better eyes or Ford knew the Transit would exclusively been driven during business hours.


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