I Have Been Stupid. :o

Hard to believe, isn’t it? In SL since January 2007, owned countless parcels between 256 and 8.192 m² and know all the tricks out of the landowner’s handbook. So now I have a 1.024 m² parcel, but since my group owns it I could go up to 1.120 m² without sliding into a higher tier rate. That means I can have 1.120 m² for free! \o/ YAY! \o/

So when I noticed an abandoned useless 48 m² mini parcel directly bordering on mine I contacted LL and asked them to sell it to me. Superduper friendly Izzy Linden replied 2 or 3 days later and told me it’s done. I could log in world and buy the parcel. And so I did. 48 L isn’t much money for 16 more prims. All kewl n shit.

But then I was blind and made a horrible mistake. Couldn’t find the Buy For Group button and bought the mini parcel for myself … Frens, if you ever owned land in SL you know what happened then, right? Yes, exactly, I cannot add a parcel that belongs to me personally to another parcel that belongs to me and my alts’ group. Two completely different entities for LL’s servers.

So I abandoned the new parcel and went sobbing to Izzy and told him the story about my n00bness …

Izzy won’t even blackmail me. 😉

So back into world I logged and this time joined both parcels without any hiccup …

Joining the parcels.

You know how very critical I usually am towards LL and all their stupid ideas and lacklustre maintenance. The more positive some small office clerk like Izzy Linden sticks out. Not like a sore thumb but as a shining example for all his coworkers on the customer front.

Happy landowner now. 🙂


    • She? Profile pic shows a guy. And anyway, isn’t 1 L per m² standard fare for LL land sales? Anyway, I got a little questionaire with some reward options for Izzy, and clicked on ‘invite him/her to a nice dinner’. 😉
      I hope Izzy’s bosses will make good on that.


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