Prison: Day 201 … or so

Aloha, awesome survivors!

Just a quick one today since it’s becoming more and more difficult to gather news about the novel virus. Obviously the novelty effect has worn off … and exactly that is why the “second wave” will catch us off guard and kill us cold! 😮

Anyone still doing the bodycount?

Don’t say you didn’t know or you haven’t been warned.

Like with most pandemics the coming of a second wave was common knowledge already in the first days of the Covid-19 affair, back when it was still highly fashionable and we were thinking about the coolest mask designs n stuff.

The only news we get these days are politicised antipropaganda opinion pieces by various selfish politicians. Some even fake as can be. For example this medically impossible shit by the world’s leading liar:

Who cares what the experts say and … really … mean?

Again: Fighting a global pandemic isn’t a political affair!

It’s all so sad. You know, kids we could have such a dignified, cozy little time right now, and fight the fukn virus with all our combined effort and love and peace and understanding … if these egomaniac world leaders wouldn’t interfere with their wishy washy loose-talk.

See this:

Wrong measure! The fraudsters must be brought to prosecution but the the lockdown cannot end now!

I dunno how it’s going in the States, in Europe they are thinking about stronger lockdown rules again. Particularly hard-hit Spain and Italy are on the way of going full-force lockdown again, now that infection rates are skyrocketing once again. That’s a very early – and totally avoidable – second wave, right? 😦 Even in only moderately affected Germany they are about to tighten the rules again:

New restrictions in Italy and possibly Germany

Italy is preparing new nationwide restrictions in response to a spike in new coronavirus cases, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on Sunday, including a proposed ban on private parties, involving both children and adults, while Rome would also target hours for bars and restaurants to reduce people’s contagion risks.

The package of restrictions will be discussed with regions on Monday and will be included in a decree that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte could sign as early as the evening, Speranza said.

Meanwhile, an aide to Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that Germany should continue capping the number of people allowed at gatherings and clamp down on unnecessary travel as it battles rising coronavirus infections. “We must be a bit stricter in places where infection chains spread mostly, which is parties and, unfortunately, also travel,” the chancellor’s chief of staff, Helge Braun, told public broadcaster ARD.

My fraggelz, let’s all keep a cool (and pretty) head on our shoulders, don’t fall for your fave presidentail candidate’s waffle but let’s do what’s right. Let’s follow our gut instincts and act like compassionate human ziztahz and brozzaz.

Use hand sanitizer generously, wear your PPE, covering mouse and nose like good little muslims, bankrobbers or mummies. 🙂 Practice social distance, don’t mingle with the dirty neighbourhood kidz and try to have fun at home. Hey, did I tell you already that downloading, installing and testing of dozens of Linux distros is regarded a fun activity in kool kidz circles?

Linux Foundation is a shitty club, and this guy deffo not a kool kid, but sometimes they do the right thing.

And Stay Healthy! People, that is the goal, the one and only, the most important outcome of this pandemic! Everything else is unthinkable.

CYA in a bit



  1. Okay, Orca and Leendadll and more gonna hate me but all the shut downs and masks and sanitizers have not done squat to stop this virus. You either hide in a bunker and be safe, or go out in the world and catch the bug eventually. Every country in the world will end up the same some time soon. It’s only a matter of time unless everyone gets the vaccine and we all become immune. Unless you have compromises that might do you in, go live your life and end this nonsense.

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    • “all the shut downs and masks and sanitizers have not done squat to stop this virus.”
      Oh, I beg to differ. According to the experts (not the politicians) all the measures helped a lot in slowing down the spread of the virus and containing it. It’s all we can expect: Slow down the spread until a vaccine is found and rolled out. Particularly in the 3rd world. Most African medical systems couldn’t handle a full blown pandemic. So here we have the working solution: Stop the virus before it hits!

      “either hide in a bunker and be safe”
      Yeah, that’s what we do, what most people do.

      “or go out in the world and catch the bug eventually.”
      Not if you wear ppe and only go out for essentials.

      “everyone gets the vaccine and we all become immune.”
      That’s not how it works, hun! Not everyone gets the vaccine. As long as I’m not sick I won’t get vaccinated, and I do my darn best to keep it that way. Also the politicians will find a way to fuk it all up. The Russians have a vaccine, Western politicians are too asshurt to accept that life-saving fact. In American you’d probably have to buy the vaccine once they found one, in semi-reasonable countries the politicians will side with the US and stop import of the vaccine from Russia. All that shit.

      “end this nonsense.”
      Even if I wanted to end it, it’s not feasible. Without wearing a mask I can’t get into any place of business or mingle with other people anyway. Rather lovely bonus point: All the sanitizer has made my hands sooo nice and soft and nice smelling.



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