Garuda Linux: Test by Karmi

The Linux world is pretty boring right now, which is first and foremost a good thing. Most distros are pretty mature right now and every average user will find a distro that fits them like a glove. But otoh all the testers and opinion makers/influencers have nothing to do and will jump onto every new distro and test the shit out of that poor thing. For example your fellow blog reader Karmi, who just published a story about, what else, the distro of the moment, Garuda Linux. 🙂

Same as all the Linuxes are different, so are the users. Karmi’s preferences are different than mine and he noticed shit I didn’t even get close to. For example the auto-root function did totally escape me since I hardly ever use the terminal. I also thought everybody would know what a garuda is and what it symbolizes.

Anyhoo, you gottta read Karmi’s article to get a much more complete view on Garuda.

And since we’re sitting here in a nice circle by the campfire and telling stories …

Also a feature story directly on DistroWatch.

So, got enough Garuda overkill now?

Always aiming to please. =^.^=

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