Garuda Linux: Bound for Greatness?

Garuda is an Arch Linux, or as Karmi and Orca say, an Archie Linux. The “real” hardcore vanilla Arch users don’t like to be mentioned in the same sentence as all we Manjaro-ians, frenly Endeavour people, Arco crazies and lovers of other Arch derivatives, like for example the new Garuda Linux.

Pff, who cares? We know what we have and we know how good our respective Archies are. But is Garuda one of us, one of the really good Archies? In other words: Is Garuda good enough for Orca’s rather pedestrian utilitarian unique taste?

Let’s find out:

Garuda is made in India and the website, typically is just a collection of hollow marketing phrases. 😦 But Garuda has indeed some clever and interesting tricks up its sleeve …
… for example fully fleshed-out (a.k.a. “bloated”) Ultimate versions and also Lite versions of the same desktops. Fortunately I decied on the Lite version of Mate, which already came in at 2.1 GB. Pheeew, I don’t even wanna know the size of their full distros. 😮
The first thing we get to see of Garuda-Mate is the typical un-altered Mate desktop with a richly appointed Welcome Center. Lots of stuff, most not important for us, as we wanna install the shit quickly now.
I didn’t count exactly how many but Garuda comes with all the usual desktop environments, in Light and Ultimate versions, some Window managers and also a Minimal version, which is apparently bereft of everything nice, not supported, and leaves the users to care for themselves. After my limited experience I tend to use that minimal ISO when and if I install Garauda ever again.
Freshly installed we get the known Mate desktop with the overdone welcome center and an ass-fugly flat icon theme.
After some minutes of reasearch I find out all the themes in Garuda are flat … and rather dark. The setup list is useless for the most part and doesn’t seem to be fully thought through. :/
And the initial update fails. 😦
The latest Kernel, 5.8.14 is installed, even in the supposedly optimized Zen version, which according to the experts won’t make your system any faster, nor any more secure. But sounds good, right?
I didn’t swap over to the Brisk menu yet but I’m finding the useful Warpinator. Unfortuately my machines are ignoring each other and after wasting much too much time on the shit – without avail – I use a good old USB stick to transfer these photos over to GagaMore. 😐
GagaMore (left) and Gaga (right) can’t make contact. 😮
Quickly done mild modifications. I already know Garuda ain’t for me, so I don’t put much work into customizing the system completely to my taste/workflow. What I notice is a serious lack of icons/themes and backgound wallpapers.

CONCLUSION: Garuda is a very interesting Arch Linux distro, and I guess it’ll have a great future. That being said I noticed a number of sloppy solutions and the devs obviously followed a very narrowminded path. Even the Light versions are bordering on bloated and are battleships, kinda like the favourite of the unwashed plebs, Linux Mint. As an averagely advanced user you just don’t need all that shit.

Is Garuda one of those fashion Linuxes we see from time to time, a hateful distro for hateful GenY and GenZ users? No! Like all Archies it is made by sober, serious and earnest geeks. Some of them are just trying – maybe a little bit too hard – to appear ultra youthful and hip and kewl.

Orca prefers her minimalistic no-fat greyhound EndeavourOS. I know, particularly with the MateDE, it’s made for old peoples’s tastes and workflows but since it’s Linux, even ArchLinux, it comes with an inbuilt kewl factor. 🙂


  1. 🙂 I never tried Garuda Linux in spite of it being around for a while. I saw a few reviews on it on YouTube.

    The two Arch-based Linux distros that I like are ArcoLinux and EndeavourOS.

    By the way, Orca, if EndeavourOS works well for you, you should not shop around for another Linux distro.


    Because EndeavourOS is worth its weight in gold!

    In regards to icons, it is very rare that I would use the icon set that comes with a distribution of Linux; I tend to change them.

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    • Grr, I answered your comment already hours ago, Renard. No idea what happened to my reply. :/

      “you should not shop around for another Linux distro.”
      Rest assured I won’t do anything of that sort. EOS is perfect for my utilitarian pedestrian old people’s workflow. 😉 But as you know I have a blog, and sometimes I post some shit about Linux, even have the one or other test machine for testing distros for the blog. Which doesn’t mean I’m gonna adopt them for daily use.

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  2. Excellent Distro, IMHO. So far it seems to blow the other Archies outta ‘da wata! Possible exceptipn would be Manjaro-Architect 20.0.3. Have even found a way to opt out of the annoying Linux ‘Pesky Password‘ .. humble me is root on all my computers or else don’t use that Distro. Am also doing a review…most everything seems to work fine in Cinnamon DE, but GNOME won’t open in either Intel or AMD test machines. Well, looks like these developers only started Garuda last month (??) so expect some problems…

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    • I dunno if i’d call Garuda excellent, Karmi. Too many weaknesses and errors and things going bust for true excellence. It’s also much too young to have reached any kind of greatness, it’s not dry behind its ears yet. But they are onto something for the “spoiled” users. 😉

      In how far does it blow the others outta da wata? At least on Gaga, with its i3 processor it ran rather laggy.


      • Looks like their developers are more focused on newer hardware than most Distros, i.e. ready for Gamers w/ “right tools needed to get gaming started on Linux, out of the box.” It was fast ‘n snappy on my 2 main Linux test machines (Apevia has Ryzen 9 3900X ‘n Rose w/ Intel i7-8700). Well, if you can call that toy EOS “excellent” then humble me can certainly call Garuda “Excellent” during my excitement of testing it! 😉

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        • “more focused on newer hardware than most Distros”

          Pls correct me if I’m wrong, Karmi, but aren’t hardware and drivers a kernel thing? So the newer your kernel the more hardware drivers for you to play with, the better is your distro for gaming. No?

          When a distro, i.e. Garuda, installs Steam and Proton right out of the box it’s only a minimal advantage, and for many users even a disadvantage. I, as a non-gamer, need to de-install the shit if I wanna avoid a bloated system.


          • If the Linux Kernel was as important as most Linux users claim it is, then there would be only one Linux OS/Distro, IMHO. Developers may all get the same kernel, but what happens with it at that point? Then there is firmware…big problem in Linux. Yeah, I’m not a gamer either…the Cinnamon Lite I downloaded was 2.1GB ‘n the Cinnamon Ultimate gamer edition was 4.8GB so there is more than just Steam & Proton in it, I guess? More than doubled in size. I never know what Linux users are talking about when they mention bloat…?!

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            • “… then there would be only one Linux OS/Distro, IMHO.”
              Why? You seem to think Linux is one thing for all, a mainstream product, a concerted effort.
              It isn’t. 🙂
              And fortunately so. Else we wouldn’t never have had Ubuntu or its superiorly developed version, Mint, nor anything Arch.

              “firmware…big problem in Linux.”
              Not with Intel/Nvidia. I always used to get fairly up-to-date Nvidia drivers automatically with my Arch updates.

              “Ultimate gamer edition was 4.8GB so there is more than just Steam & Proton in it, I guess?”
              No idea, but sounds like a lot of undesirable shit they shovel on my machine. 😮

              “I never know what Linux users are talking about when they mention bloat…?!”
              Going from an already huge 2.1GB to a fattened up 4.8GB in size is the textbook definition of bloat, ferfuxake!


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