Inworld SL … and Building Again

Yaya, I know, I’m stupid, the result will be shabby, I’ll be bored before I even finished it and then I’m gonna abandon my land … and buy a new parcel somewhere in the neighbourhood … and the whole game will repeat itself. And I’m getting poorer and poorer along the way.

Buuut …

… the activity itself, the sizing, glueing together, and texturizing of prims … it is so relaxing and calming. You should try it yourself, it really werkz. 🙂

Anyhoo, what you see here is the heart and soul of my new original Japanese onsen, the bath itself. Rest of the parcel will be parking lot, garden, a little café, dunno …


  1. don’t build an onset you will be VERY disappointed Build something orcarish and don’t just quit beatrix just quit miata just quit …..we are stayers simple

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    • But hun, I am SL’s foremost onsen expert (after the Japanese of course), visited plenty of them for the blog, and have even built one or two myself. And, you know how it goes with Orca: It’s therapy, not much else. Once I’m done I’ll probably wreck the build and start something new.


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