Fuck Corona! Fuck Lockdown!

Make it work for you. Like for example the Linux community. Everybody’s sitting at home anyway, so let’s tinker on our distros and kernels, is what they thought. And contrary to many other services, even most professional services, Linus Torvald’s kernel group and all the distribution developers never stopped sending out amazing updates.

I can hardly express how grateful I am to receive all the fancy shit completely free (as in freedom) and completely free (as in free beer).

For example yesterday’s Linux kernel update from 5.8.13 to 5.8.14 happened like clockwork … with or without COVID-19.


OrcNet is still on kernel 5.8.13. 😦
Let’s change that by doing a general update …
… which also updates the kernel to 5.8.14 …
… and gets OrcNet up-to-date!
Quickly update the AUR, too, and …
… voila, that shabby old thing punches in wayyyyy above its paygrade! 😉
Now quickly send the screenshots over to GagaMore, using the superduper ad-hoc network “Warpinator”, and I’m soooo in love with Linux and its makers! xoxo

One word, or a few more, about Warpinator. Many people might think it’s just a toy, some wannabe programmer went crazy and re-invented the wheel and made a half-assed network that is of not much use anyway. Why don’t they use Samba?

Hmm, maybe they’re right. And most probably is Samba indeed the much better and more versatile networking solution.

BUT, neither hubby nor hot and sexy me are networkers, we have no clue about and no interest in all that geeeky shit. We don’t have a server and we don’t watch movies from other machines and stuff. But what we need and do quite often is exchanging single files, sending them from one of our machines to another. Up to the invention of Warpinator we did use USB-sticks we schlepped back and forth between study and lounge. It often was way more time and effort than the result warranted. So mostly we didn’t even bother. And before I read into Samba and waste 10 minutes or more wrapping my head around that boring shit, I have warped all the files already over to hubby’s computer. Or he to mine.

So since a couple months now you can hear one or the other of us shouting “Warp me, darling!” throughout our house at least 2, 3 times a day.

It’s so quick and easy. And obviously not such a bad idea after all. Else this Mint-invented program wouldn’t have found its way into the Arch User Repository!


  1. Warpinator. I still use it. Samba is better but means leaving a machine turned on all the time, I am to mean to pay all that electric. Much easier to just turn stuff on and off when you need it.
    Warp me baby. Defo a tshirt logo
    101 days on Linux now

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    • Yes, indeed. We, too, love that we can build an ad-hoc network on demand, by just shouting from one room to another. Once the files are sent we disconnect and save system resouces on our aging komputahz. Well, we have our machines running mostly, like 20 hours/day anyway, so for us it’s not so much about saving elecricity.

      Congratz btw on your 101 days in computing heaven. 🙂


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