Sparky? Yes, I Still Love It!

Mørningsens, my deario Linux dabblers

Debian is a great Linux base. For various reasons. It’s stable hardly needs any maintenance and will happily run your servers and business oriented workstations.

As you surely remember I abandoned Sparky Debian from my lame-ass Acer netbook back in April and swapped it for EndeavourOS. Which was maybe a bit unfair but inevitable when we take my EOS fangurling into account. I just don’t have a need for a Debian-based system. And I love Arch. Coz it’s moar sexy. So, there.

Sparky is bestest Debian.

It might be different with you. You might not like total sexy freshness but want ultra-reliable ruggedness and forget everything else. Still, vanilla Debian is too unfriendly and geeky for you and you need something simple. Install and forget-type. Well, for that case there is Sparky Linux. In fact I still think if you’re not a total doofus, yet can’t live with MX’s Xfce desktop, and can’t stand LMDE’s bloat, then your only and best decision would be for Sparky Linux!

Fortunately the Sparky team just released a new snapshot:

Get it from here.

I haven’t installed 4.13 yet, and I don’t plan on doing it, but as everybody knows Sparky is Debian and Debian is unkaputtable! So, guys if you maybe have a media- or game server at home, or just need a machine to do your pesky office work on or your tax declaration or whatnot important shit, and don’t have the time and love to use your superduper cool production- and gaming system for it, Sparky will be your best and truest friend.

Gud boiiiii Sparky! 🙂

Even Karmi was halfways friendly towards Sparky Linux. And that means something!


  1. Yeah, I’m into being the root user fulltime now, to avoid being pestered for that password…i.e. stay busy looking for Distros that allow such. Did try to treat SparkyLinux decently “friendly,” so am glad you thought so. They offer a lot of choices, but am running short on ISP data, so didn’t get around to the new 4.13 LXDE Sparky oldstable edition; however, Sparky uses the Synaptic Package Manager so I may try it with a GNOME or Cinnamon DE in the future…Sparky says it supports “20 desktop environments and window managers” so should be easy to switch to one using Synaptic.

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    • “root user fulltime”
      And all the hardcore Linux users go like “OmfG, that’s suicide! :o”

      “didn’t get around to the new 4.13 LXDE Sparky oldstable ”
      Why would you even do that? I found my desktop, which is Mate, long time ago. And Debian is stable enuff for my humble requirements, so I’d go with. semi-rolling. Case closed. 🙂

      “Sparky uses the Synaptic Package Manager”
      Ya. So wot? Just tell me the commands to install the few programs I need and then I’d never have any need for a package manager again.

      But tell me, am I right in thinking Sparky is more sympathetic and to the point than MX and LMDE and vanilla?


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