Is EndeavourOS ArchLinux?

Some rather meaniepoofaced freaks would say no, nay, never. Coz we don’t install EOS in the traditonal Arch way, and it’s on its own repository. Hey, that’s true for Manjaro, and the Manjo guys make no secret about it and say themselves their system ain’t pure Arch. But I beg to differ when it’s about Endeavour. Let’s just have a look at EOS’s website:

Do these four added wares take away from the vanilla Arch experience? Nope. If anything, and if used at all, they add to your Arch. I never use the reflector (not really a clue what it even is), neither the welcome screen, nor the kernel manager. I just accept new kernels as they come down from Arch upstream, unfiltered and unaltered. What I use is the update notifier, as I’m a lazy girl. The only difference is that I get notified when updates are available and install them all with one mouseclick. Sorry for that but the result is always a freshly updated Arch system, just like vanilla.

Didn’t I make a video about the process?

… and how it looks in real day to day operation …

So, isn’t this just too comfy and fast not to use it? Also shuts up all the Linux haters who claim one gotta use the terminal for everything in Linux. It’s simply not true! I can do everything with the mouse in GUI. Every fukn thing!

You think you’re getting a Linux, and particularly Arch Linux overkill here on my blog? No, just a normal kill. 🙂 And with good reason apart from just fangurling. Linux is just better than Windows and ArchLinux is best Linux for what we wanna do with our computers. And EndeavourOS is the bestest Arch spin-off you can buy for no money. 🙂 Easy to install, easy to operate, always up to date. When you wanna live the fashion lifestyle you wannna live in Paris or Milan, not in Bumfuque, Tennessee. And when you wanna live the Linux lifestyle you wanna be on Arch, not on Ubuntu or Debian or SuSE or some of the others. And when you want sexy Arch you want Endeavour! Capisce?

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