Prison: Day 194

Mørnin’ fellow survivors.

As the Western World is preparing/ignoring the upcoming second wave of COVID-19, South Africa’s ultimately stupid govmt went down to lockdown level 1, which basically means Wear your fukn mask when in public. Nothing else. Bizniz is almost back to normal level of activities, at least for the few biznizes who survived so far. Well, our spraypainter and the elctrician are up and running, as well as our fave foodstore. So all is okay. Hubby is inquiring the situation with his German Health insurance and our trip to Germany … which can’t be avoided forever. 😦

Hamburg, capitol of McDonald’s, and exotic travel destination

Apart from that there is no real news from the Corona front. People are getting sick, people are dying, I don’t care anymore if the numbers are plateauing or rising. Every death is one death too much! And as long as South Africa can’t even decide if the Corona crisis is an ongoing pandemic or gone for now and we have to brace ourselves for the second wave, or for a wave of tourists, people aren’t gonna let down their guard.

I really gotta say, as sloppy and undisciplined as my fellow Capetonian hippies mostly are, the mask discipline is great. From day one of the lockdown up to now everybody’s sanitizing and wearing mouth and nose protection.

I guess most of you know the reason why Corona news are so sparse right now: Right, the USA president got infected, and his wife and a lot of top White House admins, too. I don’t know why that is so important but maybe if the news serves as a reminder for all the deniers and tin foil hatters, to become aware and take the pandemic a bit more serious, that Trump guy made himself valuable … if only as a bad example. 😉

Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. 😉

Okay, more good news:

We got the power!!!

Koeberg is the frenly neighbourhood nuclear power station a bit up north.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate nuclear power like the next girl, but even I gotta admit these things look impressive, don’t they? Bit like moon rockets. 😉 So our country’s whole pride becomes even more powerfullerer now and maybe we won’t have so many electricity outages in the future. I fear it’s like always tho, these six new generators are supposed to satisfy the electricity demands of a couple years ago, not today’s and certainly not those of the future. That’s “African planning” for you. And South Africa ain’t Wakanda. :/

This is Wakanda

Just too bad Oubaas is still at the electrician, else I’d have driven out to the R27 and watch the procession roll by and make photo for the blog.

Anyhoo, I hope you and I, we’re gonna do better than South Africa and stay prepared for all things pandemic, wether Second Wave or not. Fukn COVID-19 is out there and running free and rampant and doesn’t give a hoot about Trump or any other so-called leaders of men. So we take care of ourselves, sanitize, wear our masks, eat our veggies and spread positive thoughts and love. Ok?

Me? Oh, I’m staying put, right here in our little bungalow, and avoid contact with other humans except hubby. I recommend you do the same. No, not all in our bungalow! And take your grabby hands off my man, bish! Go home and socially distance in your own dwelling. 🙂




  1. There are still tons of people who suspect the Trump/GOP outbreak seems awfully… convenient… and is more reelection BS. Could very well be.

    SoCal had a famous nuclear power plant down by the ocean that looked like a giant pair of boobs with light-up red nipples. It’s been decommissioned and, sadly, is being torn down. It’s a significant landmark on the drive to/from SanDiego that future will not get to see.

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    • … a homage to the female thorax? Sounds curious.

      I just checked the San Onofre nuke plant, America’s most dangerous work place, and was shocked how many people are surfing on the beaches right in front of it. All suicidal? At ours they made a small national park around it, so nobody can even come close to the reactors. And the resemblence to mammaries is only visible from a certain perspective, as there is some distance between both teets.

      And I just failed to post a photo … 😦


      • From the adjacent freeway or train rails, where most people see them, they’re giant boobs!

        Yes, popular surf and camping spot for all my life. All surrounding resident were given iodine tablets… as if that would be any reasonable help when being irradiated so closely.

        Since it was decommissioned awhile back, the danger is far lower… but still present!!

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    • I think he died from the China Virus already ‘n what we’re seeing now is his double … standing in until after the election so Pence can take over then. No one can recover from the deadliest disease ever known to humans this fast!!!

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      • He hasn’t recovered, despite receiving 3 highly experimental medicines. The dexamethasone, which is usually only provided for serious lung issues, creates a false good feeling… thus the appearance. Plus he has fulltime doctor at the White House.

        Word is that days 7-10 are when most patients become critical. That would be this coming Thu-Sun.

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      • @ Karmi and leendadlll:

        I’ll let you guys speculate about all that. It’s geographicly as far away as it is politically, so not my interest and even less my desire to engage in it. But yes, the early statement about he’s doing reasonably well is kinda suspicious and the reasons can be plentifold. Let him heal fast, let his condition get worse … it doesn’t matter what will happen … it will be politicised by both sides.

        And that is the real tragic.

        America’s role as the great big rogue super ego bully of the planet won’t be changed by some president.


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