10 Things You MUST DO after Installing Manjaro Linux 20.1

Morning wannabe Arch Linux heroes. πŸ˜‰

Yes, I know I often make fun of Manjo and its users but legit reasons to install Manjaro are plenty, and you probably have your own, else you wouldn’t be here now. It’s much more than being a lazy coward, Manjaro is in fact a pretty complete OS with all the bells and whistles. And so well designed. So it’s kinda the Mint of the Arch world. Need a complete and cool system to get your work done? Other, often too slim Archies don’t offer you such completeness right out of the box? B00m, here’s Manjaro. Have fun.

But as every Linux user knows, there’s always some stuff you can do to make the start even easier and make the desktop your own. So there is this video for you. After the 30 and the 5 things you must do, here are another 10:

The title is a bit misleading though. I just copypasted it from the YouTube video so don’t blame it on me. As every user of rolling releases knows, these To-do lists aren’t specifically made for Manjaro 20 and Manjaro 20.1 but you can do these things to every Manjaro, even if you installed yours in the days of Manjaro 16 or so. You’ll have figured out all the stuff to personalize and optimize your system already but nevertheless, if you didn’t do them back then, you can do them now, no matter at which time you installed your Manjo. At this time, early morning Oct. 5, 2020, all Manjaros are on the same happy level. Or they should be if you’ve been gud boyz n gurlz and always did your updates. πŸ˜‰

You have, didn’t you?

PS: If you really must know, here’s what’s new …

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